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Barska 20x80mm X-Trail Binoculars Braced In Tripod Adaptor

by Barska
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Barska 20x80mm X-Trail Binoculars Braced In Tripod Adaptor - AB10590

Introducing the Barska 20x80 X-Trail Binoculars - a fusion of form and function.

These binoculars are engineered with oversized objective lenses to optimize light intake and offer a powerful magnification, ensuring your subject is brought into sharp relief.

The lenses are specially tinted in a calming green hue, effectively reducing glare in bright, sun-drenched environments.

Embodying a classic Porro design, the X-Trail is equipped with superior BAK4 glass and multi-coated optics, guaranteeing a viewing experience characterized by unmatched clarity and highly defined images.

The rubber armoring, featuring indented finger holds, not only ensures a secure, non-slip grip but also provides a shield for the housing and internal optics.

For added resilience, the extended 30x80 X-Trail is fortified with an integrated tripod adaptor brace, enhancing its strength and durability.

With a wide-angle field of view, this binocular is the quintessential companion for immersive outdoor scenic exploration.

Crafted for the avid outdoorsman, the X-Trail Binocular Series is more than just an optical powerhouse.

These binoculars exude ruggedness and offer exceptional value for their blend of quality optics and robust build.

The synergy between the large objective lenses and multi-coated optics maximizes light transmission, ensuring unparalleled clarity even in low-light conditions.

Whether for terrestrial or celestial observation, the Barska X-Trail Binocular Series promises years of outstanding visual experiences.

And, to underscore our confidence, they are backed by Barska's Limited Lifetime Warranty, a testament to their enduring quality

Barska 20x80mm X-Trail Binoculars Braced In Tripod Adaptor Premium Carry Case

Features and Highlights

  • 20x Magnification: The Barska 20x80mm X-Trail Binoculars offer an impressive 20x magnification, allowing users to observe distant subjects with exceptional clarity and detail. This powerful level of magnification makes these binoculars an excellent choice for activities such as birdwatching, stargazing, or any outdoor pursuit where long-range viewing is essential.
  • 80mm Objective Lens: With a substantial 80mm objective lens diameter, these binoculars excel at gathering and transmitting light. This feature ensures bright and clear images even in low-light conditions, making them suitable for early morning or late evening observations. The large objective lens diameter also contributes to a wider field of view, enhancing the overall viewing experience.
  • BAK4 Porro Prisms: The inclusion of BAK4 Porro prisms is a testament to the high-quality optics of these binoculars. BAK4 prisms are known for their superior light transmission and image brightness, resulting in sharp, well-defined visuals. This optical precision is particularly beneficial when observing fine details or distant objects.
  • Multi-Coated Optics: The binoculars are equipped with multi-coated optics, which significantly enhance light transmission and reduce glare. This feature ensures that images appear crisp, vivid, and free from unwanted reflections or distortions. It also improves the binoculars' performance in challenging lighting conditions.
  • Wide-Angle FOV: The Barska X-Trail Binoculars provide a wide-angle field of view, allowing users to capture a broader expanse of their surroundings. This feature is invaluable for activities like scenic viewing, wildlife observation, or sporting events, as it enables users to take in more of the scene without constant adjustments.
  • Fogproof: These binoculars are engineered to be fogproof, meaning they are equipped to withstand changes in temperature and humidity without internal fogging. This feature ensures consistent performance in various weather conditions, making them reliable companions for outdoor adventures in diverse environments.
  • Built-In Tripod Adaptor Brace: The X-Trail Binoculars come with a built-in tripod adaptor brace, providing stability and support for extended viewing sessions. This feature is particularly advantageous for activities that require steady, prolonged observation, such as astronomy or capturing distant wildlife moments.
  • Protective No-Slip Rubber Armor: The binoculars feature a protective rubber armor with indented finger holds, ensuring a secure and comfortable grip even in wet or challenging conditions. This rubber armor not only guards the binoculars against accidental bumps and scrapes but also provides an added layer of durability.
  • Field of View 189/63: The binoculars offer an impressive field of view of 189 feet at 1000 yards (or 63 meters at 1000 meters), allowing users to take in a wide area of their surroundings at once. This wide field of view is particularly beneficial for activities that require tracking moving subjects or capturing expansive landscapes
    Barska 20x80mm X-Trail Binoculars Braced In Tripod Adaptor Main Body

      What's Included:

      ✓ Barska 20x80mm X-Trail Binoculars Braced In Tripod Adaptor

      ✓ Premium Carrying Case

      ✓ Lens Cover

      ✓ Lens Cloth

      ✓ Lifetime warranty



          Brand Barska
          Series X-Trail
          Model Number AB10590
          UPC 790272977413
          Focus System Center
          Prism Type Porro
          Prism Glass BAK-4
          Magnification (Fixed) 20x
          Close Focus (ft/m) 72/22
          Eye Relief 15.4 mm
          Objective Lens 80mm
          Exit Pupil 4mm
          Field of View (ft@1000yds/m@1000m) 189/63
          Diopter Right Eye
          Optical Coating Multi-Coated
          Waterproof None
          Fogproof No
          Tripod Adaptable Yes
          Product Weight (lbs.) 80 oz.
          Finish Black Matte

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