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Barska 18x50mm Anchormaster Classic Brass Telescope w/ Mahogany Tripod

by Barska
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Barska 50mm 18x Power Anchormaster Classic Brass Telescope with Mahogany Tripod - AA10618

Elevate your space with the Barska 18x50mm Anchormaster Classic Brass Telescope with Mahogany Tripod, a masterpiece that seamlessly blends natural elegance and functionality.

This polished brass telescope, paired with an extendable mahogany leg tripod, not only makes a striking visual statement but also promises years of captivating stargazing experiences.

Its refractor design, complete with helical focusing rings and an internal image-correcting lens, ensures crystal-clear, right-side-up images, allowing for hours of immersive celestial exploration.

Designed for precision, the helical focusing rings enable seamless adjustments, guaranteeing that distant celestial marvels come into sharp, vivid focus.

The telescope's movement is facilitated by a brass arc/cradle mount, ensuring smooth, unrestricted motion in all directions.

Complementing the telescope's visual appeal, the brass tripod fittings add an extra touch of sophistication and durability. 

Barska 18x50mm Anchormaster Classic Brass Telescope with Mahogany Tripod Body Mounted

This high-quality brass optical instrument not only enhances your décor but also invites you on a journey of awe-inspiring celestial discovery

Features & Highlights:

  • 50mm Aperture: The telescope features a generous 50mm aperture, allowing for excellent light-gathering capability. This means brighter and clearer views of celestial objects, making it well-suited for a wide range of astronomical observations, from lunar details to deep-sky objects. It also facilitates the observation of fainter celestial bodies in the night sky.
  • 18x Magnification: With an 18x magnification, this telescope provides a substantial zoom level that offers detailed and immersive views of distant celestial phenomena. This level of magnification strikes a balance between capturing fine details and maintaining a stable field of view for comfortable observations. It's ideal for observing lunar craters, planetary features, and even some deep-sky objects.
  • Polished Brass Refractor: The telescope boasts a polished brass finish, not only adding a touch of timeless elegance but also ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion. This refractor design provides crisp and high-contrast images, offering an exceptional viewing experience. Its polished surface also aids in reducing light scatter for enhanced image clarity.
  • Mahogany Floor Tripod: The included mahogany floor tripod not only complements the telescope's aesthetic appeal but also provides a stable and adjustable platform for observations. With extendable legs, it can be customized to suit various viewing positions, enhancing comfort and convenience during stargazing sessions. The mahogany wood is chosen for its natural beauty and durability, adding to the overall visual appeal.
  • Internal Image-Correcting Lens: Equipped with an internal image-correcting lens, this telescope provides right-side-up images, making it suitable for both celestial and terrestrial observations. This feature adds versatility to the telescope's functionality, allowing it to be used for a broader range of viewing experiences. It's a valuable addition for birdwatching or landscape viewing during the day.
  • Helical Focusing Rings: The telescope is equipped with helical focusing rings, enabling precise and smooth adjustments for achieving optimal focus. This feature is invaluable for capturing intricate details of celestial objects and ensures a user-friendly and rewarding observational experience. The helical design also provides finer control over focusing, especially when transitioning between different types of celestial objects.
  • Brass Arc Mount: The telescope's movement is facilitated by a brass arc mount, allowing for controlled and smooth adjustments in all directions. This precision-made mount complements the telescope's aesthetic appeal while providing stability and ease of use during observations. Its brass construction not only adds to the visual allure but also ensures long-lasting durability, even with regular use.
  • Brass Tripod Fittings: The telescope is fitted with brass components, including tripod fittings, which not only enhance its visual appeal but also contribute to its overall sturdiness and longevity. These fittings ensure a secure and stable connection between the telescope and the tripod, further enhancing the viewing experience. The brass fittings are crafted to precision, adding an extra layer of refinement to the telescope's design
    Barska 18x50mm Anchormaster Classic Brass Telescope with Mahogany Tripod Body

      What's Included:

      ✓ Barska 18x50mm Anchormaster Classic Brass Telescope

      ✓ Handcrafted Mahogany Floor Tripod

      ✓ Washer and Bolts

      ✓ Limited Lifetime warranty



          Condition New
          Brand Barska
          Series Anchormaster
          Model Number AA10618
          UPC 790272977550
          Optical System Refractor
          Magnification (Fixed) 18x
          Focal Length 278mm
          Objective Lens 50mm
          Tripod Handcrafted Mahogany with extendable legs and polished brass stabilizing chain
          Finish Polished Brass
          Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty


            Barska 15-45x50mm Anchormaster Classic Brass Spyscope w/ Mahogany Tripod Product Manual:

            Customer Reviews

            Based on 2 reviews
            It looks great!

            The 50mm aperture allows for some decent viewing. Not to mention, it looks great in our home. Thanks for the recommendation RCT!

            We love it

            My wife and I initially bought this telescope as a decorative piece for our chalet in Park City. However, it IS a fully functional telescope. We are able to get some nice views under a clear night sky. Our guests love it.