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Athlon Optics Midas CF40 Tripod

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Athlon Midas CF40 Tripod - 706005

Introducing the Athlon Optics Midas CF40 Tripod - a pinnacle of stability and reliability.

Engineered with a 10-layer vibration-dampening carbon fiber construction, this tripod is a steadfast companion for your outdoor ventures, whether it's traversing rugged landscapes, engaging in birdwatching, or embarking on a hunt.

It not only complements your optics equipment seamlessly but also stands up to the rigors of the wild.

Designed to accommodate your Spotting Scope, Binoculars, or Rifle, the Athlon Optics Midas CF40 Tripod comes complete with a versatile bowl mount or ball head for secure support.

The ball head offers a range of features including Friction Control, Fluid Pan Control, Ball Lock, and Arca compatibility for direct attachment to your rifle, ensuring precise and steady aiming.

With three leg diameter options, the tripod provides increasing stability and maximizes support weight, whether for spotting optics or as a solid weapon-mount platform.

Inclusive of essential accessories, such as a tripod hammock, shoulder pad, sling, and padded case, the Athlon Optics Midas CF40 Tripod also offers the option of adding spiked feet for enhanced stability in challenging terrains.

Elevate your outdoor adventures with a tripod built to stand the test of time

Ideal Application:

Athlon Ideal Application: General Nature Viewing, Bird Watching, Target Long Range, Hunting

✓ General Nature Viewing

✓ Bird Watching

✓ Target Long Range

✓ Hunting



  • 88lbs. Maximum Capacity: This tripod is engineered to support a maximum weight of 88 pounds, ensuring stability and reliability for a wide range of optical equipment and firearms. It provides a robust and secure platform for heavy-duty applications in the field.
  • 40mm Max Leg Diameter: The tripod is designed with legs that have a maximum diameter of 40mm, providing additional stability and support for your equipment. This feature ensures that the tripod can effectively handle heavier loads and withstand various environmental conditions, making it a versatile tool for outdoor enthusiasts.

  • 10-Layer Carbon Fiber High-Tension Leg Locks: The tripod legs are constructed with a high-quality 10-layer carbon fiber material, providing exceptional strength and durability. The high-tension leg locks ensure secure and stable positioning in various environments, while the carbon fiber construction adds a lightweight element for easy portability.
  • Multi-Axis Leveling: This feature allows for precise adjustment of the tripod's orientation on multiple axes, enabling you to achieve a perfectly level and balanced setup for your equipment. It ensures that your optics remain steady and aligned for optimal viewing or shooting experiences.
  • Arca-Ready Dual Heads: Ball Head, Leveling Head, and Bowl Mount: The tripod comes equipped with versatile dual heads, including a ball head, leveling head, and bowl mount. This allows for flexible and secure attachment of different optical devices, ensuring stability and ease of use. The Arca compatibility provides a standardized interface for quick and secure mounting.
  • Counter-Weight Hook: The tripod is equipped with a counter-weight hook, providing the option to add additional weight for increased stability, especially in windy conditions or when using heavy equipment. This feature adds an extra level of stability, ensuring your setup remains steady even in challenging weather conditions.
  • Leg Wraps - Include MOLLE Tripod Hammock: The tripod features leg wraps for easy handling and transportation. Additionally, it includes a MOLLE-compatible tripod hammock for convenient storage and accessibility of accessories or small items. These added features enhance the practicality and convenience of transporting and using the tripod in the field.
  • Carry Options - Shoulder Pad and Shoulder Sling: For ease of transport, the tripod comes with both a shoulder pad and shoulder sling. This provides comfortable and practical carrying options, allowing you to take the tripod with you on your outdoor adventures. These carry options ensure that you can comfortably transport the tripod to your desired location, whether on foot or over longer distances.
  • Multi-Terrain Configurable - Rubber Feet and Spiked Feet: The tripod is designed to adapt to various terrains. It comes with both rubber feet for stable placement on smoother surfaces and spiked feet for enhanced grip on uneven or rugged ground. This adaptability ensures that the tripod can securely and reliably support your equipment, regardless of the environment.
  • Storage Bag: The tripod includes a storage bag, providing a convenient and protective means to transport and store the tripod and its accessories when not in use. This storage bag adds an extra layer of protection for your tripod, keeping it safe and organized during transportation and storage.
                      Athlon Lifetime Warranty

                      Athlon Optics Introduction Video:


                      What's Included:

                      ✓ Athlon Optics Midas CF40 Tripod

                      ✓ Carrying Bag

                      ✓ Tripod Hammock

                      ✓ Shoulder Pad

                      ✓ Carrying Sling

                      ✓ Spiked Feet (Optional)

                      ✓ Leveling Head

                      ✓ Athlon Lifetime Warranty



                      Head Style Ball
                      Head Mount Arca Swiss
                      Leg Material Carbon Fiber
                      Max Leg Diameter 40 mm
                      Max Extended Height 1800 mm / 71 inches
                      Lowest Extended Height 250 mm / 10 inches
                      Folded Height 740 mm / 29 inches
                      Leg Sections 4
                      Leg Angles 3
                      Leg Lock Twist
                      Max Load 88 pounds
                      Total Weight 8.4 pounds


                      Athlon Optics Midas CF40 Tripod Spec Sheet & Product Manual:

                      Download the Athlon Midas CF40 Tripod - 706005 Spec Sheet & Product Manual

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