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Athlon Optics Argos G2 10×50mm HD Binoculars

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Athlon Argos G2 10x50mm HD Binoculars - 114008

Introducing the Athlon Optics Argos G2 10x50mm HD Binoculars - meticulously designed for precision and comfort, featuring an ergonomic one-handed grip for a secure hold.

These binoculars boast state-of-the-art Advanced Fully Multi-Coated lenses, delivering impeccable contrast, lifelike colors, and remarkable light-gathering capabilities.

Equipped with Bak-4 prism glass enhanced by cutting-edge ESP Dielectric coating and phase correction technology, they elevate color accuracy and image sharpness to new heights.

Additionally, the Athlon Argos G2 10x50mm HD Binoculars undergo rigorous argon gas purging, ensuring waterproof and fog-proof performance in even the most challenging conditions.

With the incorporation of a lightweight magnesium alloy chassis, not only do these binoculars offer enhanced comfort during extended use, but they also provide robustness to withstand the harshest environments.

This guarantees their unwavering reliability and resilience throughout your outdoor pursuits, promising enduring durability for all your adventures.

Ideal Application:

Athlon Optics Argos G2 10×50mm HD Binoculars: General Nature Viewing, Hunting

✓ General Nature Viewing

✓ Hunting



  • 10x Magnification: Experience powerful 10x magnification with the Athlon Optics Argos G2 10x50mm HD Binoculars, allowing for intricate, close-up views of distant subjects. Perfect for activities like birdwatching or wildlife observation, where capturing fine details is crucial.
  • 50mm Objective Lens: These binoculars boast a generous 50mm objective lens, excelling in light-gathering capabilities. This ensures vivid and clear images even in low-light conditions, enhancing your viewing experience in challenging outdoor settings.
  • ESP Dielectric Coating (Enhanced Spectral Prism Dielectric Coating): Featuring a multi-layer prism coating, the ESP Dielectric Coating reflects over 99% of incoming light to your eyes, providing a crystal-clear, bright image with precise color reproduction, allowing you to see visuals in their truest form.
  • XPL Coating (Xtra Protective Layer Coating): The XPL Coating adds an additional layer of protection to the external lenses, guarding against dirt, oil, and scratches. This ensures enduring durability, maintaining the pristine condition of your binoculars even in rugged outdoor environments.
  • Lightweight Magnesium Chassis: The magnesium chassis combines durability with a weight reduction of up to 35%, ensuring strength without sacrificing portability. This means you can carry these binoculars comfortably for extended periods without feeling weighed down, making them suitable for prolonged outdoor excursions.
  • Phase Corrected Prisms: These prisms generate images with enhanced contrast, higher resolution, and improved color reproduction. This leads to a superior viewing experience, allowing you to observe details with exceptional clarity and fidelity, making them a must-have for nature enthusiasts and wildlife observation.
  • BaK4 Prisms: Crafted from BaK4 glass, these prisms reflect more light to your eyes, providing brighter and sharper images, particularly in low-light conditions. This ensures a vibrant viewing experience, even in environments with limited natural light.
  • Advanced FMC (Fully Multi-Coated) Lenses: The advanced multi-coatings optimize light transmission, resulting in improved brightness and true color reproduction across the entire light spectrum. This guarantees a visual experience with vivid colors and excellent clarity, making these binoculars suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities.
  • Long Eye Relief: Especially beneficial for eyeglass wearers, longer eye relief allows them to comfortably see the entire field of view without hindrance. This feature ensures you can enjoy a full view without straining your eyes, even while wearing glasses, enhancing the comfort of your viewing experience.
  • Close Focus: An essential feature for nature observers, especially when observing small subjects like butterflies or insects. It enables detailed and clear close-up viewing, allowing you to appreciate the finer details of the natural world up close, providing a comprehensive viewing experience.
  • Twist Up Eyecups: The eyecups with intermediate stops allow you to set the eyecups to the ideal eye relief for your eyes, ensuring a comfortable and personalized viewing experience. This feature enables extended periods of observation without discomfort, making these binoculars user-friendly and adaptable to individual preferences.
  • Waterproof: Designed to withstand exposure to wet conditions, these binoculars are suitable for use in the rain or near water bodies. This ensures they continue to perform reliably even in adverse weather, allowing you to use them in various environments and weather conditions.
  • Argon Purged: Argon purging enhances waterproofing and thermal stability, preventing internal fogging and ensuring optimal performance in a wide range of temperature and environmental conditions. This added durability and reliability make these binoculars well-suited for a variety of outdoor activities in different climates, providing peace of mind during your adventures.
    Athlon Lifetime Warranty

    Athlon Argos G2 10x50 HD Features Video:


    What's Included:

    ✓ Athlon Argos G2 10x50mm HD Binoculars

    ✓ Case

    ✓ Neck Strap

    ✓ Objective lens caps

    ✓ Instruction manual

    ✓ Athlon Lifetime Warranty



    Power 10X
    Objective Lens Diameter 50 mm
    Eye Relief  17 mm
    Field Of View Angular  5.8°
    Field Of View FT @1000 YARDS 304 ft.
    Field Of View M @1000 METERS  101 m
    Close Focus  4 m /13 ft.
    Interpupillary Distance 56 mm-76 mm
    Weight 31.5oz



    Athlon Optics Argos G2 10×50mm HD Binos Spec Sheet & Product Manual:

    Download the Athlon Argos G2 10×50mm HD Binos - 114008 Spec Sheet & Product Manual


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Easy to use!

    I bought these binoculars for wildlife viewing. They are lightweight and super sharp. Easy to adjust and compact. Great buy!

    Nice binoculars!

    If you've never used binoculars before it's always a good idea to learn how to use them. These binocular have not disappointed me. Low cost, lightweight a really clear viewing.