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Alpen Apex 4.5-27x50mm Riflescope

by Alpen
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Apex 4.5-27x50mm Riflescope by Alpen Optics


Meet the Alpen Apex 4.5-27x50mm Riflescope, a superior choice for discerning shooters seeking top-tier performance and advanced features.

Engineered to excel in the most challenging environments, this riflescope boasts a rugged, waterproof, fog-resistant, and shockproof design.

Its fully multi-coated lenses ensure optimal light transmission and exceptional optical precision, guaranteeing a crisp and unobstructed sight picture.

Equipped with a 30mm tube diameter and convenient flip-open covers, it delivers an expansive field of view and easy access to the lenses.

Additionally, a cleaning pen is thoughtfully included to facilitate optics maintenance for enduring clarity.

The ALPEN Apex riflescope, featuring fast-focus eyepieces and generous eye relief, is purpose-built for achieving peak shooting performance.



  • 4.5-27x Magnification: The variable magnification range from 4.5x to 27x offers an extensive field of view for close-range targeting at lower magnifications and precise long-range shots at higher magnifications. This versatility allows you to adapt to various shooting scenarios, from hunting in dense woods to precision shooting at extended distances.
  • 50mm Objective Lenses: The 50mm objective lenses excel at gathering light, ensuring a bright and clear sight picture even in low-light conditions. This is especially beneficial during dawn, dusk, or in heavily shaded areas, providing you with extended hunting and shooting opportunities.
  • Waterproof: The waterproof feature guarantees the riflescope's functionality in rainy, wet, or humid environments. It prevents moisture from entering the scope and damaging its internal components, ensuring reliable performance regardless of the weather conditions.
  • Fogproof: Fogproofing prevents internal fogging of the lenses, maintaining a consistently clear view in varying temperatures and humidity levels. This feature is crucial when transitioning between different environmental conditions to maintain a reliable sight picture.
  • Shockproof: The shockproof construction enables the riflescope to endure recoil and rough handling without losing zero or sustaining damage. This robustness ensures consistent accuracy and reliability, particularly when using high-caliber rifles or engaging in strenuous shooting activities.
  • Fully Multi-Coated: Fully multi-coated lenses reduce glare, maximize light transmission, and enhance image clarity. This results in a vivid, sharp, and high-contrast image, making it easier to identify and engage targets accurately, even in challenging lighting conditions.
  • 30mm Tube Diameter: The 30mm tube diameter provides ample room for adjustment for both windage and elevation. This is crucial for long-range shooting, as it allows precise compensation for bullet drop and wind drift, ensuring your shots consistently hit the mark.
  • Honeycomb Filter Included: The included honeycomb filter serves as an anti-glare and anti-reflection device. It minimizes glare from the objective lens and reduces the chance of reflections giving away your position to the target. This feature enhances your stealth and concealment while improving target acquisition.
  • Flip-Open Covers Included: The flip-open covers protect the objective and eyepiece lenses from dust, debris, and moisture. They offer quick and easy access to the lenses while maintaining their cleanliness and condition. This prolongs the life of the lenses and ensures consistent optical performance.

                What's Included:

                ✓ Alpen Apex 4.5-27x50mm Riflescope

                ✓ Lens Pen

                ✓ 2x Lens cover

                ✓ 2x Mounting rings

                 ✓ Lifetime Warranty


                • Versatile Magnification: With a range of 4.5x to 27x, it offers both a broad field of view for close-range targeting and precision for long-range shots, adapting effortlessly to diverse shooting scenarios, from dense woods to extended-distance precision shooting.
                • Light-Gathering Prowess: Featuring 50mm objective lenses, it excels at collecting light, ensuring a brilliant and clear sight picture even in low-light conditions. Ideal for dawn, dusk, and shaded areas, it extends hunting and shooting opportunities.
                • Unyielding Weatherproofing: The waterproof feature guarantees operational integrity in rainy, wet, or humid conditions, safeguarding against moisture intrusion that could harm internal components. Count on it for unwavering performance, regardless of the weather.
                • Persistent Clarity: Fogproofing prevents internal lens fogging, preserving a consistently clear view across varying temperatures and humidity levels. This is a crucial asset during transitions between different environmental conditions.
                • Rugged Reliability: Its shockproof construction endures recoil and rough handling without compromising zero, ensuring unwavering accuracy and dependability, even in the face of high-caliber firearms and strenuous shooting activities.
                • Enhanced Visuals: Fully multi-coated lenses minimize glare, maximize light transmission, and enrich image clarity, resulting in a vivid, sharp, and high-contrast image. This improvement aids in target identification and precise shot placement, even in challenging lighting conditions.
                • Precision Adjustment: Boasting a 30mm tube diameter, it offers ample space for precise windage and elevation adjustments, an essential advantage for long-range shooting, enabling accurate compensation for bullet drop and wind drift.
                • Anti-Glare Solution: Included honeycomb filter acts as an anti-glare and anti-reflection device, reducing glare from the objective lens and minimizing reflections that could give away your position to the target. This enhances stealth and target acquisition.
                • Lens Protection: Provided flip-open covers shield objective and eyepiece lenses from dust, debris, and moisture. They not only protect but also offer quick and easy access, ensuring the lenses maintain their cleanliness and condition for consistent optical performance.
                • Included Accessories: The package includes a cleaning lens pen for maintaining optics, two lens covers for protection, two mounting rings for stability, and a lifetime warranty for long-term assurance.



                            Item Number 4015
                            Magnification 4.5-27x

                            Objective Lens Aperture
                            50 mm

                            F.O.V(@100yds) Low/High
                            22.2 - 3.8 ft

                            F.O.V(Degrees) Low/High
                            4.2 - 0.7°


                            Focal Plane


                            Battery Type

                            Side Parallax
                            Yes; 10 - ∞ YD

                            Lens Coating
                            Fully Multi-Coated



                            up to 800 G*

                            (G= acceleration of gravity feet-per-second)

                            Exit Pupil Low/High
                            9.5 - 1.9 mm

                            Eye Relief

                            100 mm

                            Adjustment Graduation
                            1/4” 100 yd Click

                            Travel Per Rotation
                            25 MOA

                            Elevation Adj. Range
                            ±40 MOA

                            Windage Adj. Range

                            ±40 MOA

                            Tube Diameter
                            30 mm

                            Rings Included

                            Lens Covers
                            Flip-Open Covers Included

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