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German Precision Optics GPO Flagmaster 1800 6x20mm Golf Laser Rangefinder

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German Precision Optics GPO Flagmaster 1800 6x20mm Golf Laser Rangefinder - GLRF 1800

Introducing the German Precision Optics GPO Flagmaster 1800 6x20mm Golf Laser Rangefinder, a game-changing tool that combines exceptional optical performance with cutting-edge rangefinding technology.

Enhance your golf game with this rangefinder's fast-focus ocular, making it effortless to pinpoint your target.

The advanced technology ensures quick and accurate distance calculations, providing you with precise measurements in no time.

The GPO Flagmaster 1800 6x20mm Golf Laser Rangefinder is designed to provide both actual and slope distances, giving you comprehensive information to plan your shots effectively.

Its compact and ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip and easy handling on the course.

With a range of up to 1800 yards, this rangefinder caters to a wide range of golfing scenarios, making it suitable for players of all levels.

Elevate your golfing experience with the German Precision Optics GPO Flagmaster 1800 6x20mm Golf Laser Rangefinder, and let it be your trusted companion in achieving your best performance on the green.



  • 6x Magnification: Provides a clear and detailed view of the golf course for precise target identification, allowing you to spot landmarks and hazards with ease.
  • 20mm Objective Lens: Allows ample light to enter the optical system, ensuring brighter and clearer images even in low-light conditions. This feature is particularly valuable during early morning or late afternoon rounds.
  • Laser Rangefinding Technology: Utilizes advanced laser technology to accurately measure distances to objects on the golf course, ensuring accurate yardage readings for improved shot selection.
  • Fast-Focus Ocular: Enables quick and easy focusing on the desired target, ensuring efficient and hassle-free operation. This feature allows you to swiftly acquire targets for rapid decision-making.
  • Actual and Slope Distances: Provides both actual and slope distances, offering comprehensive information for shot planning. The inclusion of slope distances aids in making precise adjustments for elevation changes on the course.
  • Wide Range Coverage: Capable of measuring distances up to 1800 yards, catering to various golfing scenarios and player preferences. This extensive range ensures suitability for different course layouts and playing conditions.
  • High-Quality Optics: Ensures sharp and clear images, enhancing visibility and target identification. This feature allows for confident and accurate club selection based on the visual information provided.
  • Compact and Portable: Designed for easy carrying in your golf bag, ensuring convenience and accessibility during your game. The lightweight and compact design adds minimal weight to your golf bag while ensuring easy access when needed.
  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, providing long-lasting performance on the golf course. The rugged construction ensures that the rangefinder can endure normal wear and tear associated with regular golfing activities.
  • Water-Resistant: Designed to withstand light rain and moisture, offering reliability in changing weather conditions. While not fully waterproof, this feature provides peace of mind in case of unexpected weather changes during your game.

                                    What's Included:

                                    ✓ GPO Flagmaster 1800 6x20mm Golf Laser Rangefinder

                                    ✓ Cleaning cloth

                                    ✓ Hard Case

                                    ✓ Wrist carrying strap

                                    ✓ Carabiner clip

                                    ✓ Battery

                                    ✓ Limited 2yr Warranty


                                    • Precision Optics: Provides a clear view for precise target identification, aiding in spotting landmarks and hazards effortlessly.
                                    • Enhanced Low-Light Imaging: Ensures bright and clear images even in low-light conditions, particularly beneficial for early morning or late afternoon rounds.
                                    • Advanced Laser Precision: Utilizes advanced laser tech for accurate yardage readings, enhancing shot selection.
                                    • Swift-Focus Targeting System: Enables quick and hassle-free focusing on targets, ensuring efficient operation and swift decision-making.
                                    • Accurate Distances and Slope Readings: Offers comprehensive information for shot planning, crucial for precise adjustments due to elevation changes on the course.
                                    • Versatile Range Capability: Suitable for various golfing scenarios and player preferences, ensuring adaptability to different course layouts and playing conditions.
                                    • Crystal-Clear Optics for Precision: Guarantees sharp and clear images, improving visibility and target identification. Enables confident and accurate club selection.
                                    • Sleek and Portable Design: Easy to carry in your golf bag, adding minimal weight and ensuring convenient access during your game.
                                    • Robust and Enduring Build: Built to endure outdoor use, providing long-lasting performance, capable of withstanding regular wear and tear associated with golfing activities.
                                    • Weather-Resistant Reliability: Designed to handle light rain and moisture, offering reliability in changing weather conditions, providing peace of mind in case of unexpected weather changes during your game.
                                    • Comprehensive Accessories: The package includes a hard carry case, microfiber cleaning cloth, Wrist carrying strap and batteries, providing everything you need for a complete and convenient experience.


                                      Magnification 6x
                                      Range 5-1, 800y
                                      Accuracy +/- 1y
                                      Display Hi-LCD
                                      Weight 5.8oz
                                      FOV @ 100y 396ft
                                      Diopter Adjustment +/- 3
                                      Exit Pupil Diameter 0.13in
                                      Eye Relief GOOD 0.65in
                                      Waterproof IPX4
                                      Objective Lens Diameter 0.79in
                                      Battery Type CR2
                                      Warranty 2 Years

                                      Customer Reviews

                                      Based on 3 reviews
                                      Easy to use and accurate!

                                      This golf gadget has been so great! I'm glad I didn't try to purchase one of the cheaper range finders (with or without the slope technology). I've been extremely happy with this so far. The range readings are VERY accurate and it is VERY easy to lock onto the pin. The battery life appears to be great as I haven't seen it drop at all in over 12 rounds. I would highly recommend this range finder.

                                      Exceeds my Expectations!

                                      Happy to say it was a short learning curve for me. By the second round I had it pretty much mastered. It goes so far beyond my expectations, this is the first rangefinder I've owned.. I use it for distances to traps, trees, hazards; even can measure how far I hit a drive. Do the research. I play with a friend who has a very basic rangefinder, he says mine is so much better.

                                      Works as advertised!

                                      I've used this for a couple months now and it works exactly as advertised. My league course has GPS to the flag and this validates the distance. This is an amazing product, great quality, and I would highly recommend it.