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Explore Scientific AR102 Air-Spaced Doublet Refractor Telescope

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Explore Scientific AR102mm f/6.5 Air-Spaced Doublet Refractor - DAR102065-02

Presenting the Explore Scientific AR102mm f/6.5 Air-Spaced Doublet Refractor Telescope.

This telescope is part of the AR Air-Spaced Doublet Series, known for its classic air-spaced, crown-and-flint, doublet achromatic optics with a superior-class optical figure.

Whether you opt for the AR102 (4"), AR127 (5"), or AR152 (6") model, prepare to be astounded by the breathtaking images you'll witness through the eyepiece.

What's more, you'll enjoy these stunning views without the hefty price tag typically associated with comparably sized apochromatic refractors.

Additionally, this telescope is incredibly lightweight, tipping the scales at only 11.5 lbs.

Crafted to withstand the demands of public star parties and educational outreach, the Explore Scientific AR Series telescopes feature heavy-duty, high-quality components.

These include a 2-inch Two-Speed Crayford Focuser with Compression, a 99% Reflective Dielectric-Coated 2-inch Diagonal Mirror with 1.25-inch Eyepiece Adapter, and the Explore Scientific Hybrid Finder Scope Base equipped with an 8X50 non-illuminated straight-through finderscope and quick-release bracket.

The telescope also comes with a cradle ring assembly featuring a 45mm wide dovetail plate (Vixen style).

Simply add a few eyepieces and your choice of an alt-azimuth or equatorial mount, and you'll be primed to explore the Universe.

For those who love the technical details, interferometric data on your newly acquired and registered Explore achromatic refractor can be requested after 120 days of ownership. Feel free to reach out to Customer Service for more information.



  • 102mm Objective Lens: This telescope features a substantial 102mm (4 inches) objective lens. This sizeable aperture allows for exceptional light-gathering capability, enabling you to capture clear and detailed views of celestial objects.
  • 200x Highest Useful Magnification: With a maximum useful magnification of 200x, this telescope offers the power to explore a wide range of celestial targets in remarkable detail. Whether you're observing planets, lunar features, star clusters, or deep-sky objects, you'll have the capability to zoom in and reveal intricate features.
  • 663mm Focal Length: This focal length provides a balanced combination of magnification and field of view, making it suitable for various types of observations. It allows for detailed views of planets and lunar features while still offering a wide enough field to capture sprawling nebulae and star clusters.
  • 99% Reflective 2-inch Diagonal: This diagonal mirror is used to divert the light path at a 90-degree angle, making it more convenient for astronomical observations. It includes a 1.25-inch eyepiece adapter, allowing you to use both 2-inch and 1.25-inch eyepieces.
  • Air-Spaced Doublet Optics: The telescope employs air-spaced doublet optics, consisting of two lens elements with a layer of air between them. This design helps reduce chromatic aberration, resulting in sharper and more color-accurate images. It ensures that you can enjoy high-contrast and well-defined views of celestial objects.
  • 8x50 Non-Illuminated Straight-Through Finder: This finder scope aids in locating and aligning celestial objects before observation through the main telescope.
  • Fully Multi-Coated Optics: The optics of this refractor telescope are fully multi-coated. This advanced optical coating technology enhances light transmission, reduces glare, and minimizes internal reflections, leading to sharp, contrast-rich views of celestial objects with minimal optical aberrations.
  • Vixen-Style Dovetail Plate: The telescope comes with a Vixen-style dovetail plate. This dovetail plate allows for easy and secure mounting on compatible telescope mounts.
  • 2-inch Rack-and-Pinion Focuser: The telescope features a 2-inch rack-and-pinion focuser. This focuser is smooth and precise, allowing for easy and fine adjustments when focusing. It accommodates both 2-inch and 1.25-inch eyepieces, giving you versatility in your choice of accessories.
  • Versatile Mount Compatibility: The Explore Scientific AR102mm refractor telescope is compatible with a variety of telescope mounts. Whether you prefer an alt-azimuth or equatorial mount, this telescope can be paired with the mount of your choice to suit your observing style and preferences.
  • Ideal for Astrophotography: This refractor telescope is well-suited for astrophotography. Its air-spaced doublet optics and fully multi-coated lens elements contribute to sharp and high-contrast images, making it a valuable tool for capturing stunning photographs of the night sky.

                                                                  Recommended Accessories:

                                                                  To provide a stable and versatile platform for the telescope, ensuring steady observations of celestial objects, consider the optional Twilight I Adjustable Angle Alt-Azimuth Mount, purposely built for Doublet Refractor Telescopes.


                                                                  Explore Scientific Twilight I Adjustable Angle Alt-Azimuth Mount

                                                                  Its adjustable angle and alt-azimuth design make it easy to track objects as they move across the sky, enhancing the overall observing experience.

                                                                  The mount's user-friendly nature makes it suitable for astronomers of all skill levels, making it a perfect match for this high-quality refractor telescope.


                                                                  What's Included:

                                                                  ✓ Explore Scientific AR102 Air-Spaced Doublet Refractor

                                                                  ✓ 8x50 straight through finder

                                                                  ✓ 99% reflective 2-inch diagonal

                                                                  ✓ Limited 1 year warranty



                                                                  Item Number DAR102065-02
                                                                  Focal Length 663mm
                                                                  Focal Ratio f/6.5
                                                                  Limiting Magnitude 12.5
                                                                  Resolution 1.14 arcsec
                                                                  Tube Length w/ Dew Shield 25.5"; 698mm
                                                                  Diameter 101mm
                                                                  Weight 11.5 lbs.; 5.2 kg
                                                                  Dovetail Plate 45mm Wide (Vixen-Style)

                                                                  Customer Reviews

                                                                  Based on 4 reviews
                                                                  Hiroaki N.

                                                                  Explore Scientific AR102 Air-Spaced Doublet Refractor

                                                                  Tom M.
                                                                  Explore scientific ar102

                                                                  Great product, fast shipping. Would buy from again.

                                                                  Amazing value for money

                                                                  I primarily bought this Telescope for Astrophotography. I didn’t want to break the bank, so the price-point of this Scope was perfect. I read some negative reviews that said this scope wasn’t good for Astrophotography, but I beg to differ. I have taken some amazing photographs with this Telescope using my DSLR. It’s also a great viewing Scope. All in all, if you’re looking to get into Astrophotography, or just simple viewing, I would highly recommend this Scope.

                                                                  A Beautiful Telescope!

                                                                  I didn't expect to observe objects with such clarity. I used a filter to remove any abberation from the Moon, Jupiter, and Saturn - and they all looked great! This is my first Telescope, and I am very pleased (especially considering the amazing price!)