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DayStar QUARK H-Alpha Eyepiece Solar Filter - Chromosphere

by DayStar
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DayStar QUARK H-Alpha "Eyepiece" Solar Filter - Chromosphere Model - DSZ4C

The innovative All-In-One design of the seamlessly integrates top-notch components, including a telecentric barlow, adapters, snouts, and the renowned DayStar Quark H-Alpha Solar Filter, into a single, user-friendly assembly.

By streamlining design efficiency and optimization, this solution offers users the opportunity to experience DayStar's exceptional optical quality at a more accessible price point.

This specific model is the Chromosphere version of the DayStar Quark H-Alpha "Eyepiece" Solar Filter. To view the Prominence version of this Filter, click here.

DayStar Quark H-Alpha Chromosphere Filter Explained:

  • Purpose: The DayStar Quark H-Alpha Solar Chromosphere Filter is primarily designed for observing and imaging the solar chromosphere in the H-alpha spectral line. This filter typically provides a narrow bandpass centered around the H-alpha wavelength (around 656.3 nanometers). It enhances the visibility and contrast of features in the chromosphere, allowing for detailed observations and imaging.
  • Chromosphere: The Chromosphere is the layer of the Sun's atmosphere just above the photosphere, and it contains various dynamic and intricate features like spicules, filaments, and plage regions.
  • Use: Astronomers and solar enthusiasts use the DayStar Quark H-Alpha Solar Chromosphere Filter with solar telescopes to capture high-resolution images and study the chromospheric structures and activities on the solar disk. 

Designed for use with refractors ranging from F/4 to F/9, the DayStar QUARK H-Alpha Solar Chromosphere Filter eliminates the need for complex configurations. Simply insert it into your diagonal, add an eyepiece, and start observing.

Features & Highlights:

Eyepiece Compatibility:

  • Available in 1.25" or 2.0" combo eyepiece snouts with a safety indent slot for direct insertion into your diagonal.
  • Standard 1.25" eyepiece drawtube output, with optional 2" and SCT accessories readily available.
  • Features a brass compression ring to safeguard your eyepiece.

Power and Accessories:

  • Power consumption has been reduced, enabling the QUARK to operate throughout the day with the option of a small, palm-sized battery pack.
  • Utilizes USB power (5V, 1.5A) and comes with a 90-240VAC wall adapter, inclusive of international plug adapters.

Wavelength Tuning and Indicator:

  • Equipped with a tuning knob for precise wavelength adjustment, allowing wing shifting within +/- 0.5Å, with detents at every 0.1Å, accompanied by an LED indicator for power, warming, readiness, and fault status.

Warranty and Portability:

  • Backed by a generous 5-year warranty.
  • Optionally compatible with an 8-hour battery pack for enhanced portability.

Optical Components:

  • Integrates a fully baffled 2-element telecentric 4.2X barlow lens optimized for the 656nm wavelength.
  • Features an integrated 12mm blocking filter and a 21mm clear filter aperture.

Refractor Compatibility:

  • Exhibits optimal performance with refractors ranging from F/4 to F/9.
  • Allows full disk viewing on refractors with focal lengths of up to approximately 450mm.
  • With no aperture limitations, it can be used on larger refractors to achieve higher magnification views.

Convenient Packaging:

  • Ships in a convenient Twist-Case for secure and dust-free storage.

Usage Limitation:

  • Note: Not suitable for off-axis applications.

What's Included:

✓ DayStar QUARK Chromosphere H-Alpha Solar Filter

✓ 90-240VAC Wall Power Adapter

✓ Protective Twist-Case

✓ Instructional Manual

✓ 5 Year Warranty


Housing No
Wavelength Hydrogen Alpha (6562.8Å)
Bandwidth N/A
Uniformity SE (Standard Edition)

DayStar QUARK H-Alpha Solar Filter Chromosphere Product Manual:

Download the DayStar QUARK H-Alpha Solar Filter Chromosphere - DSZ4C Product Manual

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