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Starizona Apex ED 0.65x Reducer / Flattener Lens - Long Version

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Starizona Apex ED 0.65x Reducer / Flattener Lens in Long Version - ApexED-L

The Apex ED reducer is a transformative accessory; it turns an f/5.5 apo refractor into a high-speed f/3.6 astrograph, while a slower f/9 telescope like an RC becomes a swifter f/5.9 system.

This reduction factor widens the field of view by 1.5x and significantly reduces exposure times by a factor of 2.4x.

Crafted with extra-low dispersion glass, it eradicates chromatic aberration, ensuring crisp star images across a 30mm image circle, compatible with most popular CCD, CMOS, and DSLR cameras up to APS-C format.

Designed to seamlessly fit into a standard 2" focuser, the Apex ED reducer boasts M42 T-threads on the camera side, and allows for easy attachment of a standard 2" (M48) filter on the telescope side, facilitating the use of light-pollution or other filters.

For Meade ACF telescopes, the Apex can be affixed using a 2" visual back. Additionally, for select refractors, we offer optional threaded adapters for direct attachment of the Apex reducer, eliminating the potential for tilt introduced by the standard focuser clamp ring.

This specific model is the "L" version of the Starizona Apex ED Reducer / Flattener Lens. To view the "S" version of this Lens, click here.

The specially crafted "L" version of the Apex ED is meticulously designed to elevate performance, particularly tailored for telescopes with focal lengths of 500mm and beyond.

This encompasses a wide range of larger telescopes, starting from 100mm and above, spanning both refractors and the entire spectrum of RC and ACF telescopes.

This version is finely tuned to extract the utmost potential from these optical systems, ensuring optimal results in astrophotography and observation.


The effective backfocus distance from the T-threads of the Apex ED reducer to the image sensor is contingent upon the telescope's focal length, with a minimum of 55mm guaranteed across all configurations.

The provided table outlines the recommended backfocus values for different focal lengths.

Should you require assistance in selecting the appropriate adapters or spacers for your specific setup, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Apex ED-L

Telescope Focal Length Backfocus
500-600mm 58mm
600-700mm 57mm
700-900mm 56mm
>900mm 55mm


Features and Highlights

  • Optical Versatility: This reducer/flattener lens is designed to optimize the performance of your telescope. It offers a reduction factor of 0.65x, effectively transforming your telescope into a faster astrograph. Additionally, it corrects field curvature and reduces optical aberrations, delivering clear and sharp images across the entire field of view.
  • Wide Compatibility: This version is compatible with telescopes with focal lengths ranging from 500-900mm. This includes a wide range of telescopes, such as most 55-58mm apochromatic refractors, making it a versatile accessory for astrophotographers.
  • Backfocus Adjustability: The backfocus distance from the T-threads to the image sensor may vary depending on the telescope's focal length. It is guaranteed to be at least 55mm in all configurations. The provided table offers guidance on the optimum backfocus values for various focal lengths, ensuring seamless integration into your setup.
  • Customizable Setup Support: If you require assistance in choosing the right adapters or spacers for your specific configuration, the manufacturer offers personalized support. Simply reach out for expert guidance on achieving the best performance from your telescope setup with the Starizona Apex ED 0.65x Reducer/Flattener Lens.
  • Optics with Comprehensive Multi-Coating: This lens boasts comprehensive multi-coating on its optics, significantly improving light transmission while minimizing glare. This enhancement leads to heightened image contrast and clarity, enabling more intricate and vivid observations.

  • Made in USA: The Starizona Apex ED 0.65x Reducer/Flattener Lens is proudly manufactured in the United States, ensuring high-quality craftsmanship and precision engineering.


      What's Included:

      ✓ Starizona Apex ED 0.65x Reducer / Flattener Lens in "L" Version

      ✓ Instructional Manual



          Reduction Factor:  0.65x
          Image Circle:  30mm
          Backfocus:  55-58mm 
          Optical Design:  5 elements with ED glass, fully multi-coated
          Barrel Diameter:  2"
          Camera Thread:  M42 (T-thread)
          Filter Thread:  M48 (2" filter)
          Overall Length (Apex ED L):  2.97"
          Weight (Apex ED L):  0.7 lbs.


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