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Lunt White Light Solar Wedge Diagonal

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Lunt White Light Solar Wedge Diagonal - available in 1.25" or 2"

Meet the Lunt White Light Solar Wedges Diagonal, perfect for safely observing the Sun in white light.

These wedges have a built-in ND3 filter, ensuring safety for both imaging and visual observation.

To make visual observation more comfortable, use a Polarizing Filter by attaching it to the bottom of your eyepiece and adjusting the brightness as needed.

Come in two sizes: the 2” version fits 2” eyepieces and has a 2” barrel for the focuser, while the 1.25” version fits 1.25” eyepieces with a corresponding barrel size.

The 2” model works best on refractors up to 6” in aperture, and the 1.25” model is suitable for refractors up to 4” in aperture.

As long as your night-time telescope can focus with a standard star diagonal for imaging, it will reach focus with Lunt White Light Solar Wedges.

Experience precise and safe solar observation with these user-friendly wedges!


  • Versatile Sizing: Available in 2" or 1.25" models, catering to different telescope configurations. The 1.25" model is optimal for refractors 4" and under, while the 2" model suits refractors 6" and under.
  • Safe Solar Viewing: Insert the Lunt Solar Wedge Diagonal into your nighttime telescope's focuser for secure observation of the Sun. Safely explore solar phenomena such as eclipses and sunspots without compromising your eye safety.
  • Polarizing Filter Compatibility: Enhance your visual experience by adding a polarizing filter (available separately) when using the solar wedge visually. This addition allows you to adjust brightness for comfortable and detailed observation.
  • User-Friendly Design: The Lunt White Light Solar Wedge Diagonal is designed for ease of use, seamlessly integrating into your telescope's focuser. Whether you're a beginner or experienced observer, this solar wedge enhances your solar exploration.
  • Telescope Compatibility: Tailored for compatibility with a range of telescopes, the 1.25" and 2" models ensure a secure fit, making it convenient for various telescope setups.

What's Included:

✓ Lunt White Light Solar Wedge (1.25″ or 2″)

ND3 Pre-installed Filter  

✓ Carrying Case

✓ Die Cut Foam with room for accessories

✓ Limited 5 year Warranty



Weight 4 lbs.
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Dr W.
Fast arrival and excellent service!

The folks at red carpet are really super helpful and go the extra mile to answer all your questions, but the diagonal is frankly not much more impressive than an over the aperture filter. Imagine is crisp and you can see sun spots with a polarized filter, but frankly nothing very exciting beyond a cheaper solar Mylar filter. So idk. Maybe adding additional filters might show granulation? I’m still new at this so hence the disappointments but not with a low rating.

Great product

Works perfectly. Set this up on my small refractor and viewed the sun with no problem.