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Lunt 60mm Modular Telescope Observer Package

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Lunt 60mm Modular Telescope Observer Package - LS60MT

Introducing the Lunt 60mm Modular Telescope Observer Package - Designed for portability, this package boasts the versatility of the 60mm telescope with the new ED Doublet Lens for outstanding Solar Viewing. 

The LS60MT Telescope, with a 60mm aperture, provides unmatched clarity of the sun in its standard setup with the Hydrogen Alpha Module.

The LS60MT Nighttime Telescope is a portable powerhouse, offering Hydrogen Alpha Viewing and versatility for White Light, Calcium K, Terrestrial, and Night Time phenomena with a 70mm aperture.

This Lunt model is compatible with the TecnoSky Binoviewers for day and nighttime observations.

Transition effortlessly from day to night viewing with ease. Equipped with an ED Doublet Lens and a Rack & Pinion Focuser, the LS60MT outperforms in any configuration.

Explore solar features with breathtaking intricacy using the doppler true tuning pressure system. 


Image Captured Using the Lunt 60mm Modular Telescope Observer Package Sun

The 60MT Observer Package from Lunt improves your experience with essential accessories: B1200 Blocking Filter streamlined for solar viewing, 1.25" Star Diagonals for enhanced eyepiece orientation, Lunt White Light Solar Wedge, Polarizer Filter for versatile filtering, a Lunt 16mm Eyepiece for varied magnification, a 2" to 1.25" Adapter for eyepiece compatibility, and a secure 4" Vixen Style Dovetail for stable mounting.

Image Taken Using the Lunt 60mm Modular Telescope Observer Package Galaxy

This package ensures superb Hydrogen Alpha viewing and allows easy switching between day and night configurations. 

Image Taken Using the Lunt 60mm Modular Telescope Observer Package California Nebula

Key features include True Doppler Tuning for a 3D-like shift, enhancing the viewing experience.

Image Taken Using the Lunt 60mm Modular Telescope Observer Package Comet Leonard

Minimal effect on prominences, but substantial impact on filaments and active regions. Doppler shifting from base to tip adds a distinct dimension. 

Image Taken Using the Lunt 60mm Modular Telescope Observer Package Horsehead

The pressure tuning system provides precision for tuning desired features, an invaluable tool for observers and hobbyists alike.



    • Dual Aperture Design: This telescope integrates a dual aperture configuration, featuring a 70mm aperture for general observations and a dedicated 60mm aperture tailored specifically for hydrogen alpha (H-alpha) solar viewing.
    • Impressive Maximum Magnification: With a maximum magnification capability of 100x, this telescope empowers users to zoom in for intricate views of celestial objects, providing versatility for a wide range of observational scenarios.
    • 420mm Focal Length: The 420mm Focal Length provides a balanced length for versatile observations, making the telescope suitable for a range of astronomical applications.
    • Optimal F/7 Focal Ratio: Operating with an f/7 focal ratio, the telescope's optical system achieves a moderate focal ratio. This versatility strikes a harmonious balance between accommodating wide-field views and facilitating higher magnification capabilities for detailed observations.
    • LS60MT Telescope with Hydrogen Alpha Module: The LS60MT is a compact and versatile 60mm telescope equipped with an Hydrogen Alpha Module, allowing for detailed Solar Viewing with exceptional clarity, thanks to its ED Doublet Lens.
    • Best in Class Resolution and Professional Grade Optics Configuration: This telescope boasts top-tier resolution, providing detailed observations, and features a professional-grade optics configuration to ensure high-quality imaging in various astronomical applications.
    • 4.2mm Image Size: Referring to the telescope's ability to produce detailed and sharp images, the 4.2mm Image Size makes it ideal for observing intricate solar features with clarity.
    • .65a Bandpass (Single Stack): The >.65a Bandpass in Single Stack configuration denotes a narrow bandpass, enabling focused solar observations with high contrast.
    • Use with: The telescope is compatible with Hydrogen Alpha, CaK, and White Light Filters, making it suitable for night and terrestrial use with a Standard Star Diagonal.
    • B1200 Blocking Filter: The B1200 Blocking Filter is an optimized filter designed to enhance solar viewing by blocking unwanted light, delivering clear and detailed images of solar features.
    • 1.25" Star Diagonal: This accessory facilitates comfortable eyepiece orientation, enhancing the overall viewing experience with improved ergonomics.
    • Rack & Pinion Focuser: The Rack & Pinion Focuser is a focusing mechanism that operates smoothly and precisely, allowing users to make easy adjustments for optimal viewing during observations.
    • Lunt 16mm Eyepiece: A high-quality optical accessory providing varying magnification options, enhancing the overall observational experience with clear and crisp views.
    • 2" to 1.25" Adapter: A versatile accessory ensuring compatibility with different eyepiece sizes, allowing users to adapt to various accessories for customized observations.
    • 4" Dovetail: The 4" Vixen Style Dovetail is a secure mounting accessory, providing stability during observations and ensuring the telescope is securely attached to a mount.
    • Lunt White Light Solar Wedges: elevate solar observations by introducing specialized features that enhance clarity and detail, providing a nuanced and vivid viewing experience with enhanced contrast and precision when exploring the sun's surface.
    • Polarize Filters for White Light Wedges: take white light observations to the next level by serving as valuable additions for fine-tuning solar viewing, offering flexibility in adjusting light intensity and enabling customization and optimization of observations with greater control and refinement.


    What's Included:

    ✓ Lunt 60mm Universal Telescope 

    ✓ Aluminum Finished Hard Case with Fitted Foam

    ✓ CNC Clamshell Mount

    ✓ 4" Vixen Style Dovetail

    ✓ Lunt 16mm Eyepiece

    ✓ B1200 Blocking Filter 

    ✓ 1.25" Star Diagonal

     2" to 1.25" Adapter

    ✓ Rack & Pinion Focuser

    ✓ Lunt White Light Solar Wedge

    ✓ Polarize Filters for White Light Wedge

    ✓ Instructional Manual

    ✓ Lunt 5 Year Warranty



    • Telescope Type: Modular Telescope
    • Universal Capabilities: H-alpha, CaK, White Light, Lunar, Planetary, Deep Space, Terrestrial.
    • Aperture: 70 mm Native, 60 mm H-alpha
    • Theoretical Max Magnification: 100 x
    • Objective Type: Professional Grade ED Doublet
    • Objective Material: FLP51
    • Objective Coating: Ion Assist Broadband AR
    • Focal Ratio: F/7
    • Focal Length: 420 mm
    • Focuser: Dual Speed Rack and Pinion
    • Mounting: CNC Clamshell Mount and 4" Vixen Style Dovetail
    • Storage: Aluminum Finished Hard Case with Fitted Foam
    • H-alpha Etalon Type: Modular
    • Etalon Wavelength: 656.28 nm
    • Etalon Bandpass: <0.65 Å Single Stack, <0.45 Å Double Stack
    • Etalon Material: UV Grade Fused Silica
    • Telescope Weight: ~7lbs
    • Etalon Tuning: Doppler True Barometric Pressure Tuning
    • Doppler Shifting: Instant
    • Blocking Filter Size: 12 mm, 1.25" Star Diagonal
    • Blocking Filter Bandpass: 6 Å
    • Sun Finder: TeleVue Sol Searcher compatible
    • CaK* Filter Type: Rear Mount CaK Diagonal
    • Filter Wavelength: 393.4 nm
    • Filter Bandpass: 2.2 Å
    • White Light* Filter Type: Front Mount Film Filter, Rear Mount White Light Wedge
    • Filter Bandpass: Broadband White Light. AR/UV Blocking
    • Lunar, Planetary, Deep Space, Terrestrial: Converts to a conventional professional grade telescope for all your nighttime requirements. See optional equipment for additional specifications.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 6 reviews
        Pat P.
        Would Buy from Red Carpet Again!

        I initially contacted Red Carpet after a disappointing email conversation with another major supplier who would not agree to talk to me on the phone (only email inquiries allowed!). Matt at Red Carpet, on the other hand, was more than willing to talk with me, answer all of my questions, and advise me on what telescope made the most sense for me. Matt was also very good at keeping me informed about delivery schedule. My new telescope is great!

        Terry S.
        New user review

        Having only had a short clear sky window to try the scope out, I can only give an initial impression. I loved the image produced, but it took way to long to setup and locate the sun. You definitely need a solar finder scope, and I recommend an umbrella or observing shield blanket to work under. I am not sure how to set the pressure tuner, but was able to focus in for awesome views of prominences and flairs. I suspect as I learn to setup faster and in time I would be able to raise my rating, but had so much trouble the one time that I am not fully happy.

        Felicity D.
        Met all my expecations!

        I was using a Coronado PST before and without double-stacking it, there was not much to be seen at all whereas this one gave me breathtaking views right out of the box. I am not disappointed, Lunt make superior products. Thank you again Matt for your assistance!

        Dave S.
        Amazing communication and customer service

        Their communication has been excellent. Always on top of everything, even months later. Will do business again.

        Hui L.

        Fast shipping, good quality product, Matt is very professional and prompt reply. Good experience!