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Lunt LS50C 50mm Compact Double-Stack Filter

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Lunt 50mm Compact Double-Stack Filter LS50C

Introducing the Lunt LS50C 50mm Compact Double-Stack Filter - Crafted precisely for the Lunt LS50THa H-alpha Solar Telescope. 

The LS50C is a specially-designed compact double-stack filter.

With its exceptional design, it effectively lowers the bandpass of the LS50THa to <0.5 Angstroms, ensuring top-notch, professional-quality solar views.

Notably, this compact filter provides a convenient upgrade option, converting your single-stack LS50THa into a powerful double-stack solar telescope, and the installation is a user-friendly procedure that you can handle yourself.

Crafted to effortlessly screw onto the front of your LS50THa, the LS50C removes the need to send your telescope back to the factory for the upgrade.

This user-friendly feature adds to the convenience of enhancing your solar observation capabilities.

Incorporating a double-stack filter into your solar telescope significantly improves your ability to observe the crisp and clear surface prominences of the Sun. 

This refinement is valuable not only for research purposes but also for your overall viewing enjoyment.

Important to note, however, is that the LS50C must be used with a blocking filter to ensure safe and optimal solar observation.

This additional requirement ensures that your solar viewing experience remains secure and meets the necessary standards.



  • 50mm Optical Aperture: The Lunt LS50C 50mm Compact Double-Stack Filter is precision-engineered with a 50mm optical aperture, offering a dedicated and clear view of solar details. Crafted as a specialized double-stack filter, it is uniquely designed for seamless integration with the Lunt LS50THa H-alpha Solar Telescope.
  • Professional-Grade Solar Views: Notably, the LS50C significantly lowers the bandpass of the LS50THa to less than <0.5 Angstroms. This reduction ensures unparalleled professional-quality solar views, revealing intricate solar features with exceptional clarity and precision.
  • User-Friendly Upgrade: The LS50C provides users with the option to effortlessly upgrade their single-stack LS50THa to a double-stack solar telescope without the need for factory intervention. The filter can be easily installed by the user, eliminating the inconvenience of sending the telescope back for upgrades.
  • Convenient Self-Installation: The LS50C seamlessly screws onto the front of the LS50THa, streamlining the upgrade process and enabling users to enhance their solar observation capabilities at their convenience. This user-friendly feature ensures a hassle-free experience.
  • Surface Prominence Detail: By incorporating the LS50C double-stack filter, users can achieve a crisp and clear view of the surface prominences of the Sun. This enhancement is particularly beneficial for both research purposes and overall viewing enjoyment, providing detailed and immersive solar images.
  • Blocking Filter Requirement: It's essential to note that the LS50C must be used with a blocking filter to ensure safe and optimal solar observation. This requirement underscores the commitment to maintaining secure and high-quality solar viewing standards.


    What's Included:

    ✓ Lunt LS50C 50mm Compact Double-Stack Filter

    ✓ Aluminum Hard Case

    ✓ Instructional Manual

    ✓ Lunt 5 Year Warranty



    Weight 3 lbs.
    Dimensions 16 × 16 × 12 in

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Jim S.
    Lunt 50mm double stack filter

    The filter performs as advertised. Red Carpet's customer service is outstanding. It is an absolute pleasure to call customer service and have a live competent person pick up the phone and not have to deal with an automated phone menu.

    Double stacking is necessary

    This double stack filter makes it like a whole new scope. I always think it's worth double stacking if at all possible.