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Lunt 300mm Solar Telescope H-Alpha Pressure Tuned

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Lunt 300mm Solar Telescope H-Alpha Pressure Tuned - LS300THa /B3400

Introducing the Lunt 300mm Solar Telescope H-Alpha Pressure Tuned – a dedicated F7 H-alpha telescope that pushes the boundaries of solar observation.

Lunt Solar's dedication to excellence attains new heights with the LS300T F7 Serrurier Truss design, a single or double-stacked research-grade telescope, surpassing all current solar instruments.

With an internal unobstructed etalon, it accomplishes a <0.65 angstrom bandpass, further refined to <0.45 angstrom in the available Double Stacked system.

Controlled by Single or Dual PC-USB computer systems, the True Doppler pressure tuning ensures precise adjustments.

The instrument features a 3.5-inch Feathertouch Focuser for optimal focusing control.

This model boasts the ability to capture full disc images, utilizing its expansive 24mm image size to unveil minute solar details. 

Whether single or double-stacked, the Lunt 300mm Solar Telescope H-Alpha Pressure Tuned offers unrivaled views of the entire sun through its progressive and advanced .45 angstrom filtering system, setting a new standard in solar telescope design.



  • 300mm Objective Lens: The Lunt 300mm Solar Telescope H-Alpha Pressure Tuned stands as a solar observation powerhouse, featuring a substantial 300mm objective lens. This aperture ensures exceptional light-gathering capabilities, allowing for detailed and clear solar imaging.
  • 2128mm Focal Length: With an extended focal length of 2128mm, this solar telescope provides high-magnification views, bringing intricate solar features into sharp focus. The extended focal length is ideal for both visual observation and astrophotography applications.
  • <0.65 Angstrom Bandpass: Equipped with an internal unobstructed etalon, the telescope achieves a remarkable <0.65 Angstrom bandpass. This narrow bandpass enhances contrast, revealing fine details on the solar surface during observations.
  • Double Stacked System: For advanced users seeking even finer details, the telescope offers the option of a Double Stacked System, further refining the bandpass to <0.45 Angstrom. This configuration provides unparalleled views of the entire sun with enhanced filtering capabilities.
  • True Doppler Pressure Tuning: Controlled by Single or Dual PC-USB computer systems, the True Doppler Pressure Tuning system ensures precise adjustments for optimal solar viewing. This feature adds a layer of control and customization to the observing experience.
  • 3.5-inch Feathertouch Focuser: The instrument is equipped with a 3.5-inch Feathertouch Focuser, allowing for smooth and precise focusing. This feature enhances the user's ability to fine-tune observations, capturing detailed solar images with ease.
  • Serrurier Truss Design: The LS300T features a Serrurier Truss design, providing structural stability while minimizing the impact of tube currents, ensuring a stable and clear view of the solar disc.
  • Full Disc Imaging Capability: This telescope has the remarkable ability to capture full disc images of the sun. With a generous 24mm image size, it allows both the human eye and CCD detectors to survey the sun comprehensively, capturing minute solar details.
  • Unparalleled Solar Views: Whether used as a single or double-stacked instrument, the LS300T offers unparalleled views of the entire sun. The advanced .45 Angstrom filtering system ensures clarity and definition in solar observations, setting a new standard for solar telescope excellence.


     The World’s Largest Commercial Solar Telescope Created by Lunt Solar Feature Video:


    What's Included:

    ✓ LS230THa/B3400 Double Stack System

     Starlight Feather Touch Focuser

     Dual PC-USB System Control

     Tube Rings and Mounting Plate

     Instructional Manual

     Lunt 5 Year Warranty


    • Aperture: 300mm 
    • Focal length: 2128mm
    • Bandwidth: Internal Etalon with <0.65 Angstroms
    • Tuning: Air-pressure tuning system
    • Electronic pressure tuner controller
    • Blocking filter: B3400 with 2" and 1.25" connection
    • Focuser: Feather-Touch focuser


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