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Lunt 230mm Double Stack Solar Telescope with 34mm Blocking Filter

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Lunt 230mm Double Stack Solar Telescope w/ 34mm Blocking Filter -LS230THa/B3400



Produced with precision and leading-edge technology, this telescope stands at the forefront of solar astronomy.

Start on an unrivaled solar viewing experience with the Lunt 230mm Double Stack Solar Telescope featuring the LS230THa/B3400 system. 

The incorporation of the 34mm Blocking Filter (B3400 Internal Mount) provides a narrow bandwidth of <0.5 Angstroms at 656.28nm, unveiling the sun's intricate details with exceptional clarity. 

The Double Stack System enhances contrast, while the Starlight Feather Touch Focuser and Dual PC-USB System Control offer smooth and precise control over your viewing experience. 

Group of Staff Holding the Lunt 230mm Double Stack Solar Telescope with 34mm Blocking Filter

With Tube Rings and a Mounting Plate providing stability, this telescope boasts dual internal unobstructed 80mm Pressure Tuned Etalons, setting the stage for captivating exploration of the dynamic solar surface.

The Lunt 230mm Double Stack Solar Telescope is at the pinnacle of craftsmanship and technological innovation. Prepare to elevate your solar astronomy viewing experiences.



  • 230mm Objective Lens: The Lunt 230mm Double Stack Solar Telescope presents a formidable 230mm objective lens, serving as the primary aperture for capturing solar details with exceptional clarity. 
  • 1610mm Focal Length: With an extended 1610mm focal length, this telescope enables high-magnification views, bringing distant solar phenomena into sharp focus. 
  • Focal Ratio F/7: The telescope operates at a focal ratio of F/7, indicating a moderate focal ratio that strikes a balance between magnification and field of view. 
  • 34mm Blocking Filter (B3400): The telescope features a 34mm Blocking Filter (B3400 Internal Mount), ensuring a narrow bandwidth of <0.5 Angstroms at 656.28nm. 
  • Double Stack System: The LS230THa/B3400 configuration incorporates a Double Stack System, enhancing contrast by filtering specific solar wavelengths. 
  • Starlight Feather Touch Focuser: The inclusion of the Starlight Feather Touch Focuser ensures smooth and precise focusing, providing observers with the ability to fine-tune their views and capture precise details during solar observations.
  • Dual PC-USB System Control: The telescope boasts a Dual PC-USB System Control, offering users convenient control over their observation settings. 
  • Tube Rings and Mounting Plate: Stability and adaptability are ensured with the inclusion of Tube Rings and a Mounting Plate. 
  • Dual Internal Pressure Tuned Etalons: The LS230THa/B3400 system includes dual internal unobstructed 80mm Pressure Tuned Etalons (Etalon 1 and Etalon 2). 


What's Included:

✓ LS230THa/B3400 Double Stack System

 Starlight Feather Touch Focuser

 Dual PC-USB System Control

 Tube Rings and Mounting Plate

 Instructional Manual

 Lunt 5 Year Warranty


  • Blocking Filter: B3400 Internal Mount
  • Aperture: 230mm
  • Bandwidth: <.5 Angstroms at 656.28nm
  • Focuser: Feather Touch
  • Etalon 1: Internal Un-obstructed 80mm, Pressure Tuned
  • Etalon 2: Internal Un-Obstructed 80mm, Pressure Tuned


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