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German Precision Optics GPO Rangetracker 1800 6x20mm Handheld Rangefinder

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German Precision Optics GPO Rangetracker 1800 6x20mm Handheld Rangefinder - available in Black or Green

Introducing the GPO Rangetracker 1800 6x20mm Handheld Rangefinder by German Precision Optics (GPO).

This versatile tool is crafted to excel in both long-range rifle hunting, reaching distances of up to 1800 yards, and close archery applications with accurate readings as close as 6 yards.

Packed with cutting-edge features like True-range adjusted angles, Hyper-scan technology, and high-transmission optics, it guarantees optimal accuracy and functionality.

Experience the fusion of state-of-the-art optical and electronic technology with this compact and robust rangefinder.

It's equipped with GPO's proprietary high transmission GPObright lens coatings, ensuring enhanced light transmission through the high-transmission optical system.

The True-range adjusted angle distance readings ensure precise measurements regardless of the target's angle.

The Hyper-scan feature provides three readings per second, guaranteeing swift and efficient target acquisition.

The Target-seeker technology allows you to identify the best or last laser hits for enhanced precision.

The HCLD display system ensures exceptional low-light performance, allowing up to 25% more light to penetrate the optical system for clear visuals even in challenging lighting conditions.

Despite its compact size, the GPO Rangetracker 1800 is built to withstand the demands of outdoor adventures while delivering outstanding optical results.

Whether you're gearing up for long-range rifle hunting or close-range archery, this rangefinder stands as your trusted companion.

Elevate your hunting experience with the GPO Rangetracker 1800 6x20mm Handheld Rangefinder and enjoy unparalleled accuracy in the field.

Available in Colors: Black or Green



  • 6X Magnification: Allows for a clear and detailed view of your target. This feature is particularly valuable for accurately identifying objects at various distances, aiding in precise range estimation.
  • 20mm Objective Lens: Allows a sufficient amount of light to enter the optical system. This ensures brighter and clearer images, even in low-light conditions. It contributes to improved visibility and target identification.
  • Ranging Capability from 6 to Over 1800 Yards: This wide-ranging capability accommodates both close-range archery and long-range rifle hunting. It provides versatility, making the rangefinder suitable for a variety of hunting scenarios, from short-distance shots to long-distance engagements.
  • True-range Angle Compensation Technology: This technology accounts for the angle of your target, providing accurate distance readings regardless of whether you're aiming uphill or downhill. It helps in making precise adjustments for shooting angles, ultimately enhancing your shooting accuracy.
  • Hyper-scan Mode Provides Three Readings Every Second: Ensures rapid target acquisition by providing three distance readings per second. This is especially beneficial when tracking moving targets or when you need quick and consistent distance feedback. It helps in making timely decisions for accurate shots.
  • Target-seeker Mode for Best or Last Laser Hits: Assists in identifying the best or last laser hits on a target. This feature enhances precision by allowing you to focus on the most accurate distance readings. It ensures that you have the most reliable information for making your shot.
  • Secondary Reading Provides Temperature or Angle: This secondary reading feature offers additional information that can be crucial for making accurate shots. Knowing the temperature can help in ballistics calculations, while knowing the angle can further refine your adjustments for angled shots. This feature provides valuable environmental data for optimal shooting.

                                  What's Included:

                                  ✓ GPO Rangetracker 1800 6x20mm Handheld Rangefinder

                                  ✓ Cleaning cloth

                                  ✓ Hard carry Case

                                  ✓ Battery

                                  ✓ Lifetime Warranty


                                  • Precision Optics: Enables a clear, detailed view for accurate target identification and precise range estimation.
                                  • Enhanced Visibility: Allows ample light, ensuring brighter, clearer images even in low-light conditions, improving visibility and target identification.
                                  • Versatile Ranging Capability: Accommodates close-range archery and long-range rifle hunting, providing adaptability across various hunting scenarios.
                                  • Angle Compensation Technology: Accounts for target angles, ensuring accurate distance readings regardless of elevation changes, enhancing shooting accuracy.
                                  • Swift Hyper-scan Mode: Enables rapid target acquisition, crucial for tracking moving targets and making quick, accurate shooting decisions.
                                  • SeekerLock Mode for Laser Hit Precision: Identifies the best or last laser hits on your target, allowing reliance on the most accurate distance readings for precise shots.
                                  • Environmental Insights: Provides critical additional data. Temperature aids in ballistics calculations, while angle data refines adjustments for angled shots. Offers valuable environmental insights for optimal shooting.
                                  • Comprehensive Accessories: The package includes a hard carry case, microfiber cleaning cloth, and batteries, providing everything you need for a complete and convenient experience.


                                  Magnification 6x
                                  FOV @ 1000y 400ft
                                  Objective Diameter 20mm
                                  Ocular Diameter 25mm
                                  Exit Pupil Diameter 3.3mm
                                  Eye Relief GOOD 16mm
                                  Housing Polycarbonate
                                  Waterproof IPX4
                                  Length 3.7in
                                  Weight 5.2oz
                                  Battery Type CR2
                                  Color Charcoal Black, Deep Green
                                  FOV Angle 7.5 degrees

                                  Customer Reviews

                                  Based on 1 review
                                  A cool gadget!

                                  My BF and I have been taking Archery lessons for a couple of months now. We bought this Rangefinder because our intructor told us to, ha ha. It's pretty cool.