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Explore Scientific Losmandy G-11 Equatorial Mount w/ PMC-Eight GoTo System

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Explore Scientific Losmandy G-11 Equatorial Mount w/ PMC-Eight GoTo System - ES-G11PMC8-00

Introducing the Explore Scientific Losmandy G-11 Equatorial Mount with the PMC-Eight GoTo System.

Designed by Explore Scientific's engineers, this innovative mount features a robust eight-processor electronics board, setting a new standard in precision motion control for telescopes.

What sets this system apart is its commitment to open-source technology, allowing the astronomical community to create tailored GoTo experiences and platforms for both casual observation and research.

This high-end equatorial mount offers both hardwired and wireless connectivity to ASCOM-compatible software, making it incredibly versatile.

For those without such software, Explore Scientific provides the user-friendly ExploreStars control graphical interface, available as a free download from various app stores, including Microsoft, Google Play, and iTunes (for Windows 8.1, 10, Android, Amazon Fire, and Apple tablets, which must be purchased separately).

The underlying Losmandy G-11 mount has undergone modifications to enhance precision and performance. Stepper motors have replaced standard servo motors for finer control, achieving a motor rate accuracy of 0.01 arc seconds per second.

Helical couplers have been added to ensure secure worm and motor connections in both the RA and DEC axes, increasing reliability.

The inclusion of the Losmandy RA extension further extends tracking capabilities and aids in transportation with its convenient modular design.

At the core of the PMC-Eight GoTo controller is an eight-processor microcontroller with advanced features like wireless Ethernet with full IP function, enabling remote access from anywhere.

Explore Scientific has embraced an open-source philosophy, offering documentation and example software for creative applications within the OpenGoTo® Community.

Their ASCOM-compatible wireless driver is among the few available and offers complete open-source code for customization.

With a 60-pound payload capacity and compatibility with various ASCOM software packages, the Explore Scientific Losmandy G-11 with PMC-Eight is an ideal choice for dedicated astronomers.

Its precision and adaptability empower advanced amateur astronomers to develop their applications. Controlled by ExploreStars, it's also a crowd-pleaser at outreach events and star parties.



  • Robust Precision Motion Control: The Explore Scientific Losmandy G-11 is designed with cutting-edge robotic precision motion control using the PMC-Eight system. This innovative approach features an eight-processor electronics board, setting new standards for telescope mount control. The robust electronics provide unparalleled responsiveness, efficiency, and reliability for precise tracking of celestial objects.
  • Open-Source Customization: Explore Scientific takes an innovative approach by making the controlling interface language and example software code open source. This open-source philosophy allows programmers in the astronomical community to develop new platforms and astronomy GoTo experiences tailored to their specific needs, whether for casual observations or research. This collaborative approach fosters creativity and customization within the community.
  • Versatile Connectivity: The G-11 mount offers versatile connectivity options, making it compatible with a wide range of ASCOM-compatible software. Users can connect the mount to a computer either through hardwired or wireless means, providing flexibility in control methods. This adaptability ensures that astronomers can choose the software that best suits their preferences and requirements.
  • User-Friendly Control Interface: Explore Scientific provides an intuitive mount control graphical interface software package called ExploreStars. This software is downloadable at no charge from popular app stores such as Microsoft App Store, Google Play, and iTunes App Store. ExploreStars is compatible with a variety of operating systems, including Windows 8.1 and 10, Android, Amazon Fire, and Apple tablets. This user-friendly interface simplifies telescope control, making it accessible to a wide range of users.
  • Enhanced Mechanical Design: The equatorial mount used in the Explore Scientific G-11 with PMC-Eight GoTo system is a modified version of the Losmandy G-11. Notable enhancements include replacing standard servo motors with stepper motors, allowing precise motor rate control down to .01 arc seconds per second. Additionally, helical couplers on each axis provide more reliable operation and improved performance by securely connecting the worm and motor in the RA and DEC axes. The inclusion of the Losmandy RA extension further extends tracking capabilities and facilitates easy transportation by splitting the 35-pound mount head into 15 and 20-pound components.
  • Advanced PMC-Eight Controller: At the core of the PMC-Eight GoTo controller lies an eight-processor micro-controller with advanced features. These features include an auto-guide port (ST4 contact input) and a serial port for conventional hardwired connectivity. Notably, the PMC-Eight also boasts wireless Ethernet 10/100 with full IP function, enabling remote access from anywhere. This advanced controller ensures fast and robust operations for precise telescope tracking.
  • Open-Source Community Collaboration: Explore Scientific encourages collaboration within the OpenGoTo® Community, providing documentation and example software for the PMC-Eight controller. This open-source approach allows astronomers to unlock the full potential of the controller and develop creative applications. Explore Scientific offers one of the few, if not the only, ASCOM-compatible wireless drivers, and provides complete open-source code for customizing the ASCOM driver to individual needs.
  • High Payload Capacity: With a substantial 60-pound payload capacity, the Explore Scientific Losmandy G-11 is well-suited for serious astronomers. It can accommodate a range of equipment, making it suitable for both visual observation and astrophotography. This high payload capacity ensures the mount can support various accessories and larger telescopes.
  • Community Resource and Outreach: Explore Scientific's OpenGoTo Community serves as a valuable resource for advanced amateur astronomers. This community provides support and opportunities for users to develop their applications and creative solutions for the system. Additionally, when controlled by ExploreStars, this mount has proven to be a favorite at outreach events and star parties, making astronomy accessible and engaging for wider audiences.
  • Included Accessories: The package includes a precision Equatorial Head for celestial tracking, a stable Tripod support structure, a continuous Power Adapter for energy supply, 2 Counterweights and Shaft for balancing telescope weight, a GoTo Interface with WiFi Antennae for automated navigation control, all backed by a Limited 1-year Warranty for product assurance.


                                                                              Sharing the Vision with PMC-Eight Technology Video: 


                                                                              What's Included:

                                                                              ✓ ES Losmandy G-11 Equatorial Mount w/ PMC-Eight GoTo System

                                                                              ✓ Equatorial head

                                                                              ✓ Tripod

                                                                              ✓ Power adapter

                                                                              ✓ 2 Counterweight and shaft

                                                                              ✓ GoTo interface w/ WiFi Antennae

                                                                              ✓ Limited 1 year warranty



                                                                              Item Number  ES-G11PMC8–00
                                                                              Load Capacity Equipment Rating  Instrument Weight: 60 lbs. (27.22 Kilos)
                                                                              Load Capacity Total Rating  Total Weight: 100 lbs.
                                                                              Tripod height: Adjustable/Folding  3" - 48"
                                                                              Counter Weights Includes  21 lb counterweight and 1–1/4 inch diameter weight shaft w/safety knob. Optional 7 lb and 11 lb counterweights available.
                                                                              Dovetail saddle-plate  Accepts both “D” Losmandy Style Dovetail or Vixen Style Dovetail.
                                                                              Weight EQ Head  33 lbs.
                                                                              Weight Tripod  35 lbs.

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