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Explore Scientific ED127-FCD100 Carbon Fiber Air-Spaced Triplet Refractor Telescope

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Explore Scientific ED127mm f/7.5 Carbon Fiber Air-Spaced APO Triplet Refractor - FCD100-127075-CF-01

Introducing the Explore Scientific FCD100 Series 127mm f/7.5 Carbon Fiber Triplet ED APO Refractor Telescope.

Immerse yourself in the celestial wonders of our universe, from the stark beauty of the lunar landscape to the rings of Saturn and the brilliant treasures of the Messier catalog.

Crafted with a lightweight Carbon Fiber frame, this telescope is a testament to both form and function.

Setting a new standard in optical excellence, this refractor telescope builds upon the legacy of the original EDT-127075-CF, now enhanced with HOYA’s top-tier FCD100 ED glass, closely mirroring the renowned characteristics of OHARA’s FPL-53.

Through pioneering technological advancements, Explore Scientific has achieved mass production of this high-performance optical glass, culminating in the pinnacle of the FCD glass family.

Image No.1 Taken Using Explore Scientific FCD100 Series 127mm f/7.5 Carbon Fiber Triplet ED APO Refractor Telescope

Coupled with high refractive index optical glass, it allows for an unprecedented level of chromatic aberration correction.

The HOYA FCD100 glass stands as a benchmark in the realm of premium ED glass.

Designed with a diffraction-limited optical system and compact dimensions that invite impromptu stargazing sessions, this telescope is the ideal companion for exploring the night sky.

Image No.2 Taken Using Explore Scientific FCD100 Series 127mm f/7.5 Carbon Fiber Triplet ED APO Refractor Telescope

Its air-spaced triplet optical design virtually eradicates chromatic aberrations, delivering striking, high-contrast imagery through the marriage of genuine HOYA FCD100 extra-low dispersion (ED) glass and our proprietary EMD enhanced multi-layer coatings on all optical surfaces.

This exceptional scope boasts a 2.5" Hexagonal focuser with a robust and sturdy build, capable of accommodating up to 10 lbs. of equipment.



  • 127mm Objective Lens: This large objective lens diameter allows for remarkable light gathering, enabling you to observe faint celestial objects with greater clarity and detail. Its substantial size enhances the telescope's performance, particularly in capturing dimmer astronomical phenomena.

  • 952mm Focal Length: With its substantial focal length, this telescope provides a versatile range of magnifications, making it suitable for both wide-field, deep-sky observations and high-magnification studies of celestial objects.
  • 250x Highest Useful Magnification: With a highest useful magnification of 250x, this Telescope is capable of seeing intricate details on the lunar surface, including craters and mountain ranges, and observing planetary features like cloud bands on Jupiter or the rings of Saturn.
  • Premium HOYA FCD100 ED Glass: HOYA's FCD100 glass is revered for its high-quality optical properties, including low dispersion and excellent light transmission, ensuring your observations are exceptionally sharp and true to color.
  • Chromatic Aberration Correction: The advanced glass elements effectively correct for chromatic aberrations, ensuring that colors are accurately represented in your images and reducing the visual distortion that can occur with lesser-quality optics.
  • Diffraction-Limited Optics: Each optical element in this telescope is precision-engineered to perform at its best, resulting in images with exceptional sharpness and contrast, even at high magnifications.
  • Enhanced Multi-Layer Coatings: Explore Scientific's EMD coatings are meticulously applied to all optical surfaces, reducing reflections and increasing light transmission. This results in images with rich contrast and vibrant colors.
  • Air-Spaced Triplet Design: This sophisticated optical design involves three separate lenses, precisely spaced to virtually eliminate chromatic aberrations. This results in stunningly clear and crisp views of celestial objects.
  • Carbon Fiber Construction: The Carbon Fiber material not only reduces the overall weight of the telescope, making it more portable, but also offers excellent durability, making it resistant to temperature changes and providing a stable platform for observations.
  • 2.5" HEX Focuser: This robust focuser features a hexagonal shape, providing additional rigidity and stability. It also includes a micro-focus mechanism for fine-tuning focus, enhancing the precision of your observations.
  • Integrated Dew Shield: The dew shield is an essential feature that extends from the front of the telescope to protect the objective lens from dew formation, ensuring that your views remain clear and free from moisture-related distortions.
  • Cradle Ring with Handle and Vixen-Style Dovetail Plate: The cradle ring provides a secure mounting platform for the telescope, while the handle makes it easy to transport. The Vixen-Style dovetail plate allows for compatibility with a wide range of mounts.
  • Explore Scientific 2N1 Finder Scope Base: This pre-installed base makes it easy to attach a finder scope, simplifying the process of locating and tracking celestial objects across the night sky.
  • 99% Reflective 2" Diagonal: The high reflectivity of the diagonal ensures that as much light as possible reaches your eyepiece, maximizing the brightness of your views.
  • Comprehensive Accessories: The package includes a 99% reflective 2" Diagonal, a Cradle Ring with a handle and Vixen-Style Dovetail Plate, a 2.5" Hex Focuser with 2 Extension tubes, a Dew shield, an Explore Scientific 2N1 Finder Scope Base, and the peace of mind provided by a limited 1-year warranty.


Explore Scientific ED127-FCD100 Carbon Fiber Refractor Highlights Video:

            Recommended accessories:

            For continuous stargazing sessions without interruptions from dew, ensuring optical clarity, and safeguarding your valuable equipment, contemplate the optional AstroZap 5-inch Dew Heater Strap, meticulously designed for the ES127mm FCD100 Air-Spaced Triplet Telescope.

            AstroZap - Dew Heaters and Controllers

            AstroZap's reliable dew-fighting solutions are tailored to enhance your telescope's performance and longevity, making them an ideal companion for your astronomical adventures.


            What's Included:

            ✓ Explore Scientific ED127-FCD100 CF Air-Spaced Triplet ED Refractor

            ✓ 99% Reflective 2" Diagonal 

            ✓ Cradle Ring with handle & Vixen-Style Dovetail Plate

            ✓ 2.5" Hex Focuser w/ 2 Extension tubes

            ✓ Dew shield

            ✓ Explore Scientific 2N1 Finder Scope Base

            ✓ Limited 1 year warranty



            Item Number  FCD100–127075-CF-01
            Focal Length  952mm
            Focal Ratio  f/7.5
            Limiting Magnitude  13
            Resolution  .9 arcsec
            Tube Length w/ Dew Shield  41.75"; 1060mm
            Tube Length w/out Dew Shield  33.25"; 849mm
            Diameter  145mm
            Weight  14 lb.; 6.4 kg
            Dovetail  Vixen

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            David A.
            Best customer service

            I purchased this scope over the weekend from another online competitor that showed it was available online. 3 days later I get a text that my order was cancelled so I started looking online and found redcarpettelescopes and it showed they had one available. I called and immediately spoke to someone who said he would check his stock to make sure there was still one available. Within an hour he called me back and confirmed. He was even kind enough to hold for 1 day while I was waiting for the refund from the other company. Excellent customer service and will be doing business with redcarpet for now on.