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Explore Scientific EXOS2-GT Equatorial Mount w/ PMC-Eight GoTo System

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Explore Scientific EXOS2-GT Equatorial Mount w/ PMC-Eight GoTo System - ES-EXOS2GTPMCT3-00

Presenting the Explore Scientific EXOS2-GT Equatorial Mount with PMC-Eight GoTo System, a celebrated choice among astronomers and stargazers alike.

This exceptional mount boasts an impressive 28 lb. instrument payload capacity, tailored for astrophotography enthusiasts.

However, it goes beyond mere astrophotography needs, catering to the visual astronomer who seeks versatility with the potential to accommodate even larger telescopes, all packaged in a remarkably portable solution.

This mount redefines expectations and exemplifies Explore Scientific's commitment to quality.

James Hubbard, a satisfied customer, expresses his delight with the EXOS2-GT, highlighting that its capabilities exceed his requirements, a testament to Explore Scientific's dedication to excellence.

Frequently, inquiries revolve around the "load capacity" of our mounts, which generally fall into two categories: instrument payload capacity for astrophotography and instrument payload capacity for visual use.

The former is typically lower due to the potential for increased tracking errors as additional weight is added. For the EXOS2 GT PMC-Eight, the instrument payload capacity for astrophotography stands at 28 lbs, not including counterweights.

In contrast, for visual use, the instrument payload capacity extends to 40 lbs when accounting for counterweights.

One distinctive feature of the PMC-Eight is the use of stepper motors, chosen for their robustness and ability to withstand substantial strain without causing harm to mechanical or electronic components.

The PMC-Eight GOTO system from Explore Scientific offers wireless or wired control via a tablet or PC running Windows 8.1 or 10, Android, Amazon Fire, or iOS, facilitated by the user-friendly ExploreStars app.

Please note that a tablet must be purchased separately.

The ExploreStars app simplifies mount control with its intuitive graphical interface.

It offers a range of features, including 2-star and 3-star alignment procedures, educational content, images of popular celestial objects, and access to over 80,000 objects for observation.

ExploreStars' object database encompasses a wide array of celestial objects, spanning the Solar System, the Messier Catalog, the New General Catalog, and the Index Catalog, along with an extensive collection of over 70,000 stars.

Educational materials and images for these objects are included, and users have the flexibility to customize content through Microsoft Access.

The Celestial Database can be updated separately, expanding and evolving over time.

Additionally, we provide an ASCOM interface, enabling compatibility with a diverse range of star map software for PMC-Eight control.

Popular software options include ACP, APT, AST/ATC & Ricerca (Omega Lab), AstroArt, and many more, granting astronomers a wide spectrum of choices for their stargazing experience.



  • Impressive Payload Capacity: The Explore Scientific EXOS2-GT Equatorial Mount boasts a remarkable instrument payload capacity of up to 28 lbs - for Astrophotography. This generous capacity allows you to mount a wide range of telescopes and astrophotography equipment, accommodating various setups.
  • Versatile Visual Astronomy: Beyond its astrophotography capabilities, this mount excels in visual astronomy, offering an instrument payload capacity of 40 lbs. for visual use, when considering counterweights. This versatility makes it suitable for a broad spectrum of astronomical observations, from capturing stunning images to exploring celestial objects through the eyepiece.
  • Robust Stepper Motors: The PMC-Eight GoTo System is equipped with stepper motors, known for their robustness and ability to handle substantial strain without causing damage to mechanical or electronic components. These motors provide precise and reliable tracking, ensuring accurate and smooth movements across the night sky.
  • Wireless and Wired Control: The PMC-Eight GoTo System offers both wireless and wired control options, providing flexibility in how you operate your mount. You can connect wirelessly or via a wired connection to a tablet or PC running Windows 8.1 or 10, Android, Amazon Fire, or iOS devices.
  • User-Friendly ExploreStars App: Explore Scientific's ExploreStars app serves as the intuitive control interface for the PMC-Eight system. This user-friendly app simplifies mount operation with a graphical interface, making it easy to set up and align your telescope. It offers various alignment procedures, educational information, and access to an extensive database of celestial objects, making it suitable for astronomers of all experience levels.
  • Extensive Object Database: The ExploreStars app provides access to an extensive object database, including celestial objects within the Solar System, the Messier Catalog, the New General Catalog, the Index Catalog, and a vast collection of stars. This comprehensive database enriches your stargazing experience by allowing you to explore a diverse range of astronomical targets.
  • Customizable Content: Users have the flexibility to customize educational material and images within the Celestial Database using Microsoft Access. This feature enables you to tailor your astronomical content to your specific interests and preferences, enhancing your overall stargazing experience.
  • ASCOM Interface Compatibility: The PMC-Eight system offers compatibility with the ASCOM interface, allowing seamless integration with a wide range of third-party star map software. This flexibility enables you to choose from various astronomy software options, expanding your control and observation possibilities.
  • Sturdy and Portable Design: The EXOS2-GT Equatorial Mount is designed to be both sturdy and portable, making it an excellent choice for astronomers who desire a solid and reliable mount that can be easily transported to different observation sites. Its robust construction ensures stability during observation sessions.
  • Included Accessories: The package includes a precision Equatorial Head for celestial tracking, a stable Tripod support structure, a continuous Power Adapter for energy supply, 2 Counterweights and Shaft for balancing telescope weight, a GoTo Interface with WiFi Antennae for automated navigation control, all backed by a Limited 1-year Warranty for product assurance.

                                                                                Sharing the Vision with PMC-Eight Technology Video: 


                                                                                What's Included:

                                                                                ✓ ES EXOS2-GT Equatorial Mount w/ PMC-Eight GoTo System

                                                                                ✓ Equatorial head

                                                                                ✓ Tripod

                                                                                ✓ Power adapter

                                                                                ✓ 2 Counterweight and shaft

                                                                                ✓ GoTo interface w/ WiFi Antennae

                                                                                ✓ Limited 1 year warranty


                                                                                Payload Capacity:  28 lbs. of instrument weight for astrophotography; 40 lbs. instrument weight for visuals. 
                                                                                Total weight without counterweights  30 lbs. 
                                                                                Head weight  13.4 lbs. 
                                                                                Tripod weight  13 lbs. 
                                                                                Includes  (2) 11.25 lb. counterweight and AC adapter. 
                                                                                Mount  ships with polar-finder scope installed.
                                                                                Construction  Stainless Steel Tripod with bubble level and 2" stainless steel legs. Extends from 26.8" to 42.5".
                                                                                Controls  Belt-Driven Stepper motors with computerized GoTo features using the OpenGOTO ExploreStars for Apple iOS/iPadOS or Android Tablet, or a Windows 10 based PC, laptop or tablet. Can also use any ASCOM Compatible Client Software with the included ES PMC-Eight ASCOM driver.

                                                                                Customer Reviews

                                                                                Based on 5 reviews
                                                                                EXOS2-GT w/PMC-Eight

                                                                                Great mount. Build quality excellent. No issues with tracking and very easy to polar align. Payload capacity for astrophotography is excellent for a beginner like myself. I do recommend getting a smaller counter weight for smaller scopes that weigh less than 10 lbs as the ones that come with the mount are more than 10 lbs each. Haven't had many chances to get out and use it lately due to bad weather but the times I did get to have been enjoyable with little to no fuss setting up and operating. I use NINA and Cartes du ciel to control and set up imaging sessions using a serial cable thru ASCOM and once I figured out how to connect everything I have had zero issues. Highly recommend getting this mount!

                                                                                Thomas P.
                                                                                Good bang for the buck

                                                                                Good solid mount for my 8" Cass or 102mm APO, primarily for visual observation. The GoTo system and tablet interface are a bit dated but work flawlessly. Red Carpet ships quickly. Great job!

                                                                                Chris C.
                                                                                ES EXOS2GT-PMC8

                                                                                Purchased about 1 month ago from Red Carpet Telescopes. My first time dealing with Red Carpet and very happy. Service was quick, shipping was fast, and I really like the mount so far. Weather hasn't allowed me to have it out much but the couple times I have, I've been very pleased. Seems like a solid well built mount and carries both my ES AR152 and my Meade LX10 SCT very well. The PMC8 takes a little getting used to but overall works very well as far as I can tell. The only drawback I have is that since it does not come with a hand controller, you will need to aquire a cheap tablet for GOTO control. I started with my laptop but ended up getting an inexpensive android tablet to run the goto software. This actually works just like a wireless touchscreen handpad. I would not hesitate to order from RC again in the future. Thank you for a great experience!

                                                                                Francis R.
                                                                                Solid Mount

                                                                                I ordered the EXOS2-GT-PMC-8 mount from Red Carpet Telescopes and received it after a few days. It arrived well-packaged and everything was in great shape. Mount is performing flawlessly!

                                                                                FRANK R.
                                                                                EXOS G2 Mount

                                                                                Well packaged, great mount