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Explore Scientific AR152 Air-Spaced Doublet Refractor

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Explore Scientific AR152 152mm f/6.5 Air-Spaced Doublet Refractor - DAR152065-02

Presenting the Explore Scientific AR152 Air-Spaced Doublet, a timeless air-spaced, crown-and-flint doublet achromatic refractor boasting a substantial 152mm (6-inch) aperture.

This telescope stands out as a pinnacle in the AR Series, offering the brightest images and the highest resolution within its class.

Our primary objective in design was to deliver unparalleled value by ensuring true diffraction-limited optics, all at a price point that makes large-aperture, wide-field refractors accessible to a broader audience.

The AR152, with its fast focal ratio of f/6.5, captures stunning images of deep-sky objects at low powers.

Remarkably, these captivating views come at a fraction of the cost one would typically associate with a refractor of similar aperture and apochromat quality.

Harnessing the telescope's capabilities at higher magnifications reveals the moon, planets, and double stars in sharp, high-contrast detail.

Crafted to withstand the demands of public star parties and educational outreach, the Explore Scientific AR Series telescopes feature robust, top-tier components.

This includes a 2-inch dual-speed focuser, a one-piece 2-inch diagonal with 99% dielectric coatings, and an Explore Scientific Hybrid Finder Scope Base complete with an 8 X 50 non-illuminated straight-through finderscope and quick-release bracket.

The telescope is further complemented by a cradle ring assembly featuring a Vixen-style dovetail mount. 

An Image taken by Josh Balsam "The Pelican Nebula"

Image Taken Using Explore Scientific AR152mm f/6.5 Air-Spaced Doublet Refractor

With the addition of a few eyepieces and the alt-azimuth or equatorial mount of your choice, the Explore Scientific AR152 becomes a ready-to-go astronomical powerhouse.

It opens the door for enthusiasts to embark on a journey of celestial discovery without compromising on optical excellence or breaking the bank. 



  • 152mm Objective Lens: The telescope features a high-quality 152mm (6 inches) objective lens, allowing for excellent light-gathering capability. This large aperture enables detailed observations of celestial objects, providing clear and bright images.
  • 299x Highest Useful Magnification: Allows astronomers and enthusiasts to observe a wide range of celestial objects with impressive detail. The high magnification makes it suitable for observing planets, the Moon, and deep-sky objects.
  • 988mm Focal Length: The telescope has a focal length of 988mm, which determines the distance at which the converging light rays come together. A longer focal length often results in higher magnification, making it ideal for certain types of observations.
  • f/6.5 Focal Ratio: The f/6.5 focal ratio indicates the speed of the telescope, with lower f-ratios providing wider fields of view. In this case, the f/6.5 focal ratio strikes a balance between a relatively fast system and the ability to capture fine details in astronomical objects.
  • Air-Spaced Doublet Refractor: The telescope features an air-spaced doublet refractor design. This optical configuration utilizes two lenses separated by a cushion of air, minimizing chromatic aberration and delivering high-contrast, color-accurate images.
  • Versatile Observations: The telescope is designed for versatile observations, making it suitable for a variety of celestial targets. Whether you are interested in planetary observation, lunar viewing, or deep-sky exploration, the AR152mm provides the versatility needed for different astronomical pursuits.
  • Durable Construction: The telescope is built with durability in mind, featuring a robust construction that ensures stability and longevity. This durability is especially important for telescopes, as they need to withstand different environmental conditions during outdoor use.
  • Explore Scientific Hybrid Finder Scope Base: Providing a convenient and efficient way to locate celestial objects in the night sky. The finder scope base enhances the overall usability of the telescope for both beginners and experienced astronomers.
  • 2" Dual-Speed Focuser: Offering precise and smooth adjustments for achieving sharp focus. The dual-speed feature provides both coarse and fine focusing, allowing users to achieve optimal clarity when observing various celestial objects.


Explore Scientific AR152 Telescope Features Video:


What's Included:

✓ Explore Scientific AR152mm f/6.5 Air-Spaced Doublet Refractor

✓ 2" Diagonal

✓ Cradle Ring with handle

✓ 2" Dual Speed Focuser

✓ Vixen-Style Dovetail Mount

✓ Dew shield

✓ Limited 1 year warranty


Recommended accessories:

To ensure uninterrupted stargazing sessions by preventing dew buildup, preserving optical clarity, and protecting your valuable equipment, consider the optional AstroZap 6-inch Dew Heater Strap, perfectly built for AR152mm Air-Spaced Doublet Telescope.

AstroZap 6-inch Dew Heater Strap and Controllers

AstroZap's reliable dew-fighting solutions are tailored to enhance your telescope's performance and longevity, making them an ideal companion for your astronomical adventures.



Item Number DAR152065–01
Focal Length 988mm
Focal Ratio f/6.5
Limiting Magnitude 13.4
Resolution .77 arcsec
Tube Length w/ Dew Shield 41"; 1041mm
Diameter 158mm
Weight 23lb; 10.7kg
Dovetail 45mm Wide V-Block, Similar to Vixen Dovetail Style

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Impressive construction quality

I've had a large refractor on my wish list for quite some time. After reading numerous positive online reviews I decided to buy this 152mm refractor. You can't beat the construction quality of Explore Scientific Telescopes. Big thanks to Red Carpet Telescopes!