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Explore Scientific FirstLight 80mm Refractor Telescope with Twilight Nano Mount

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Explore Scientific FirstLight 80mm f/8 Refractor with Twilight Nano Mount - FL-AR80640TN

Introducing the Explore Scientific FirstLight 80mm f/8 Refractor Telescope with the Twilight Nano Mount.

Whether your passion lies in exploring the intricacies of our solar system or embarking on captivating journeys through the depths of the cosmos, the versatile FirstLight series offers an observing package tailored to your unique needs.

Each configuration within this innovative line is thoughtfully designed and includes all the essential components: a telescope, a robust mount, a quality eyepiece, and a red dot viewfinder.

The telescope options encompass achromatic refractors with apertures spanning from 70mm to 152mm, Maksutov-Cassegrains ranging from 100mm to 152mm, and Newtonian reflectors starting at 114mm and reaching an impressive 203mm aperture size.

The mounts are equally diverse, with choices ranging from a straightforward fork-mounted alt-azimuth option to a comprehensive GOTO tracking system.

As an added bonus, each package includes a convenient smartphone adapter, enabling you to effortlessly capture and share the mesmerizing vistas observed through your eyepiece.

With the FirstLight series, your only requirement is a desire for exploration, as everything else is provided for your celestial adventures.

Specifically, the FirstLight AR80mm White Tube Refractor features a 640mm focal length with an f/8 telescope, boasting fully-coated glass optics.

It is complemented by the Twilight Nano Alt/Az mount, a 40mm draw tube focuser, a 1.25" 90° Diagonal, a Plossl 25mm eyepiece, a Red-dot Finder, and a Smartphone Camera adapter for your convenience.



  • 80mm Aperture: The telescope's 80mm aperture is ideal for capturing a wide range of celestial objects. It allows for the observation of everything from the moon's craters and lunar features to the intricate details of distant star clusters and galaxies.
  • 125x Highest Useful Magnification: With a highest useful magnification of 125x, this telescope offers versatility in exploring celestial targets. Users can easily transition from viewing the lunar surface at lower magnifications to zooming in on distant planets and star clusters for more intricate observations.
  • 640mm Focal Length: The telescope's 640mm focal length strikes a balance between wide-field views and high-resolution images. This focal length is well-suited for both beginners and intermediate astronomers, making it suitable for a variety of celestial observations.
  • Fully Multi-Coated Lens: The fully multi-coated lens ensures excellent light transmission and minimizes internal reflections. This feature results in clear, high-contrast images, allowing observers to appreciate fine details on celestial objects.
  • Robust Mount: Despite its lightweight design, the Twilight Nano Mount is robust enough to support up to 15 pounds of equipment. This level of stability is crucial for steady tracking and smooth movements while observing.
  • Full-Size Tripod: The telescope's full-size tripod provides a stable platform for observations. Additionally, the integrated accessory tray serves a dual purpose, keeping eyepieces and accessories organized and adding weight to enhance stability during observations.
  • 25mm Plossl Eyepiece: The included 25mm Plossl eyepiece offers a comfortable and versatile magnification, making it an excellent choice for various celestial objects. It strikes a balance between a wide field of view and detailed observations.
  • 90° Diagonal: The 90° diagonal is a valuable addition, particularly when the telescope is aimed high in the sky. It allows for more comfortable and relaxed viewing, reducing neck strain during extended stargazing sessions.
  • Red Dot Viewfinder: The red dot viewfinder simplifies the process of locating celestial objects. It projects a red dot onto the night sky, enabling users to quickly center their telescope on their desired target with precision.
  • Built-In Dew Shield: The built-in dew shield is a practical feature, as it helps mitigate moisture buildup on the objective lens. Furthermore, it reduces the impact of stray light, enhancing the quality of observations in light-polluted areas.
  • Smart Device Adapter: The included adapter for smart devices enhances the telescope's functionality. It enables users to connect their smartphones, turning them into powerful tools for capturing and sharing breathtaking images of the night sky, deep-sky objects, and lunar or planetary details.

                                                                    Recommended Upgrade:

                                                                    Upgrade your stargazing experience with the Explore Scientific FirstLight 80mm f/8 Refractor Telescope with Twilight Nano Mount Ultimate Bundle - a Red Carpet exclusive offer!

                                                                    Upgrade and Save with Explore Scientific FirstLight 80mm Refractor Telescope - Ultimate Bundle Package - with Twilight Nano Mount and Bonus Accessories

                                                                    In this Ultimate Bundle upgrade, you'll receive four invaluable bonus accessories:

                                                                    ES Tirion Double-Sided Planisphere Star Map for Explore Scientific FirstLight 80mm Refractor Telescope - Ultimate Bundle Package - with Twilight Nano Mount and Bonus Accessories
                                                                    • ES Tirion Double-Sided Planisphere Star Map: for easy celestial navigation
                                                                      ES R-Lite Flashlight for Explore Scientific FirstLight 80mm Refractor Telescope - Ultimate Bundle Package - with Twilight Nano Mount and Bonus Accessories
                                                                      • ES R-Lite Flashlight: to preserve your night vision
                                                                      Discovery 2x Barlow Lens for Explore Scientific FirstLight 80mm Refractor Telescope - Ultimate Bundle Package - with Twilight Nano Mount and Bonus Accessories
                                                                      • Discovery 2x Barlow Lens: for enhanced magnification

                                                                      Explore One Moon Filter for Explore Scientific FirstLight 80mm Refractor Telescope - Ultimate Bundle Package - with Twilight Nano Mount and Bonus Accessories
                                                                      • Explore One Moon Filter: for clearer lunar observations

                                                                      Elevate your astronomy journey with these essential additions today!


                                                                      What's Included:

                                                                      ✓ Explore FirstLight 80mm Refractor

                                                                      ✓ Twilight Nano mount

                                                                      ✓ Plossl 25mm eyepiece

                                                                      ✓ Red-dot viewfinder

                                                                      ✓ Smartphone camera adapter

                                                                      ✓ Limited 1 year warranty


                                                                          Item Number  FL-AR80640TN
                                                                          Comes With  Smartphone Adapter, One 25 mm Plossl Eyepiece, Red Dot Viewfinder, Downloadable Software
                                                                          Lens Coatings  Fully Multi-Coated
                                                                          Magnification  125x
                                                                          Focal Length  640
                                                                          Focal Ratio  f/8
                                                                          Adapter  40mm draw tube focuser
                                                                          Optical Diameter  80mm
                                                                          Eyepiece  25 mm Plossl
                                                                          Mount Type  Twilight Nano

                                                                          Explore Scientific 80mm Refractor Telescope with Twilight Nano Mount Product Manual:

                                                                          Customer Reviews

                                                                          Based on 2 reviews
                                                                          Waiting for next rocket launch!

                                                                          I recently moved into an apartment within viewing distance of Cape Canaveral. A telescope was on the top of my things to buy list. This model fit my budget very well. I opted for the ultimate bundle package offered for additional savings on some very usable accessories.

                                                                          Great for the Kids

                                                                          As a first time telescope shopper I wanted to keep my budget in the $200 range. My kids are enjoying this telescope as much as I am!