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Barska 20-40x100mm WP Encounter Jumbo Astronomy Binoculars

by Barska
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Barska 20-40x100mm WP Encounter Jumbo Astronomy Binoculars - AB10520

Discover the exceptional design of Barska 20-40x100mm WP Encounter Jumbo Astronomy Binoculars, setting a new standard in optical instruments.

Meticulously engineered for both long-range terrestrial exploration and celestial observation, these binoculars are an enduring investment for your entire family to relish.

They exhibit remarkable performance even in low light conditions, ensuring that you can capture the beauty of both celestial wonders and terrestrial landscapes with remarkable clarity.

Each set of these binoculars includes a premium hard case, offering both protection and convenience for your valuable investment.

Equipped with a 20x and 40x magnification capability, and boasting a 100mm waterproof objective lens, Barska's Encounter Jumbo Binoculars are a testament to Barska's unwavering dedication to optical excellence.

The binoculars feature Bak-4 prisms, multi-coated green lenses for enhanced clarity, and an all-metal body for durability, making them a versatile and reliable choice for a wide range of observations.

Whether you're gazing at the night sky or exploring the natural world during the day, these binoculars are your trusted companion for unparalleled optical experiences

Barska 20-40x100mm WP Encounter Jumbo Astronomy Binoculars On Tripod

Features and Highlights

  • 20-40x Magnification: Barska's Encounter 'Jumbo' binoculars offer a versatile magnification range of 20x to 40x, allowing users to seamlessly transition between detailed close-ups and wider panoramic views. This feature ensures you have the flexibility to observe distant celestial objects or terrestrial landscapes with precision and clarity, making them ideal for various applications including stargazing, birdwatching, and outdoor exploration.
  • 100mm Large Objective Lens: Equipped with an impressive 100mm objective lens, these binoculars capture an abundance of light, enabling clear and vivid images even in challenging low-light conditions. This large lens diameter enhances brightness and resolution, making it an invaluable asset for astronomers, naturalists, and enthusiasts seeking to explore the wonders of the universe or study wildlife behavior in detail.
  • BAK-4 Prism Glass: The inclusion of BAK-4 prisms ensures optimal light transmission and sharp, high-contrast imagery. Known for its superior optical properties, BAK-4 glass minimizes internal light scattering, delivering bright, well-defined images with minimal distortion. This feature is crucial for maintaining the utmost clarity and fidelity in your observations, whether during the day or under the starlit night sky.
  • Fully Multi-Coated: These binoculars boast a comprehensive multi-coating on all optical surfaces. This advanced treatment reduces glare, improves contrast, and maximizes light transmission, guaranteeing vivid and true-to-life visuals. Whether you're scanning vast landscapes or exploring celestial objects, the fully multi-coated optics ensure every detail is rendered with exceptional clarity and accuracy.
  • Extendable Sunshades: Designed for ultimate versatility, these binoculars come with extendable sunshades that shield the objective lenses from excess light and glare. This feature is especially valuable in bright, high-contrast environments, allowing you to fine-tune your observations and maintain optimal image quality, ensuring a comfortable viewing experience in diverse lighting conditions.
  • Both Day and Night Viewing: Barska's Encounter binoculars are engineered to deliver outstanding performance round-the-clock. From observing celestial bodies at night to capturing the nuances of the natural world during the day, these binoculars are designed to excel in all lighting conditions, making them a reliable tool for enthusiasts, astronomers, and outdoor adventurers alike.
  • Waterproof Design: The binoculars feature a robust waterproof construction that safeguards against moisture and ensures reliable performance even in wet or rainy conditions. This durability allows you to confidently explore various environments, from damp forests to misty mountaintops, without worrying about damage from water exposure.
  • Fogproof: Thanks to a specialized fogproofing treatment, these binoculars remain unaffected by sudden temperature changes or humidity, preventing internal fogging that could compromise your viewing experience. This crucial feature guarantees uninterrupted observations, regardless of weather conditions, ensuring clarity and consistency in your visual explorations.
  • Triplet Optical System: The binoculars employ a sophisticated triplet optical system, leveraging three high-quality lenses to correct color aberrations and deliver unparalleled color fidelity and image sharpness. This system ensures that your observations are free from distortions, providing a true representation of the subjects you're viewing.
  • Robust Metal Body: Crafted with a sturdy all-metal body, these binoculars are built to withstand rugged outdoor adventures and long-term use. The robust construction provides exceptional durability, ensuring your investment remains reliable and performs optimally for years to come. Note that a tripod is sold separately to further enhance stability and ease of use during extended viewing sessions
Barska 20-40x100mm WP Encounter Jumbo Astronomy Binoculars Main Body

                          What's Included:

                          ✓ Barska 20-40x100mm WP Encounter Jumbo Binoculars

                          ✓ Premium Carrying Case

                          ✓ Lens Cloth

                          ✓ Limited 1 year warranty

                          ✓ Note: Tripod sold separately



                              Brand Barska
                              Series Encounter
                              Model Number AB10520
                              UPC 790272977055
                              Focus System Individual
                              Prism Type Porro
                              Prism Glass BAK-4
                              Magnification (Fixed) 20x, 40x
                              Close Focus (Ft./m) 65.6Ft. / 20m
                              Eye Relief 23.6mm @ 20x, 18.4mm @ 40x
                              Objective Lens 100mm
                              Exit Pupil 5mm @ 20x , 2.5mm @ 40x
                              Field of View (ft@1000yds/m@1000m) 131ft / 43.8m @ 20x , 63.9ft / 21.3m @ 40x
                              Optical Coating Multi-Coated
                              Waterproof Yes
                              Fogproof Yes (Nitrogen CO2)
                              Tripod Adaptable Yes
                              Product Weight (lbs.) 16 lbs.
                              Finish Silver


                              Customer Reviews

                              Based on 2 reviews
                              An amazing deal. A great addition for family Stargazing.

                              The fact that I saved over 50% off on these Binoculars, my decision to purchase them was a no brainer. I use these primarily for celestial and terrestrial viewing. My only recommendation is that the rubber eyepieces should be removable so that caps could be used to protect/cover the lens from dust etc. I’ll often set these Binoculars up side by side with my 205mm Newtonian Scope. This has been a great way for me to introduce my kids to stargazing/astronomy.

                              Fantastic Resolution, Fantastic Binoculars

                              Though these Binoculars were built for celestial viewing, I use them primarily for whale watching from our home in Hawaii. The resolution and field of view is second to none. However, they are heavy, so a Tripod is definetly required.