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Alpen Shasta Ridge Series 4K WiFi HD Action Sports Camera

by Alpen
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Shasta Ridge Series 4K WiFi HD Action Sports Camera by Alpen Optics


Presenting the Alpen Shasta Ridge Series 4K WiFi HD Action Sports Camera – your ultimate companion for capturing the essence of outdoor escapades.

Designed with a waterproof housing, an array of mounting accessories, a cutting-edge 6-axis stabilization unit, and an expansive 170° field of view.

The Alpen Shasta Ridge 4K Wireless Action Camera equips you with all the essentials to seize the thrill of your adventures in remarkable ultra-high definition.

Whether you're embarking on trail rides, hunting expeditions, kayaking journeys, snorkeling ventures, or climbing endeavors, this adaptable camera stands ready to chronicle your exploits across an array of resolution choices, including stunning 4K video at speeds of up to 60 frames per second and captivating 16-megapixel photo resolution.

Ensuring preparedness for any weather conditions, the Shasta Ridge camera remains waterproof up to 10 meters on its own and an impressive 30 meters within its waterproof casing.

Supplemented by a diverse assortment of accessories catering to various mounting requirements and fortified by a 6-axis gyro unit, the camera guarantees exceptional stability even during high-octane activities.

As a bonus, a ground stake is thoughtfully included, enabling the capture of extreme angle shots or facilitating placement in distinctive setups, such as amidst a decoy array.

Featuring a user-friendly 2-inch LCD display, intuitive touchscreen controls, and seamless compatibility with iOS and Android devices, the camera offers unparalleled convenience.

Additionally, it can be effortlessly operated using a wrist-attachable remote control device, allowing you to command your captures with utmost ease.



  • Waterproof up to 10m without case or 30m with case: You can use the camera underwater or in wet conditions without worry, down to 10 meters without a case and even deeper at 30 meters with the case.
  • 6-axis gyro unit stabilizes the camera during fast-paced action: The camera stays steady and smooth during high-speed activities, resulting in better quality videos.
  • True 4K video resolution up to 60 fps: Captures incredibly detailed and lifelike videos with smooth motion, especially for fast-moving scenes.
  • 16MP photo resolution: Takes sharp and detailed photos that look great when shared or printed.
  • Wide 170° field of view: Lets you capture more in a single shot, perfect for scenic views and action shots.
  • Multiple mounting accessories: Provides options to easily attach the camera in various ways for different angles and perspectives.
  • Ground stake allows for excellent set shots: Helps you capture unique angles or shots by stabilizing the camera in creative ways.
  • Separate remote-control device easily attaches to your wrist: Controls the camera conveniently, even when you're on the move.
  • 2” LCD screen: Helps you frame your shots accurately and review your content immediately.
  • iOS and Android compatible: Works seamlessly with your smartphone for easy control and sharing.
  • 1050 mAh battery: Lasts for a long time, ensuring you can record without frequent recharging.
  • MicroFlash card storage: Offers plenty of space to store all your videos and photos, so you won't run out of memory.

                What's Included:

                ✓ Alpen Shasta Ridge Series 4K WiFi HD Action Sports Camera

                ✓ Waterproof case

                 Remote and Wrist Strap

                ✓ Rechargeable Battery

                 Ground Stake

                ✓ Mounts with thumb screws

                ✓ Lifetime Warranty


                • Ultimate Water Protection: With waterproof capabilities up to 10m without a case or 30m with the case, the camera safeguards against water damage. It excels in capturing underwater scenes, water activities, and challenging weather conditions, adding flexibility to your water adventures.
                • Steady Footage in Action: The 6-axis gyro unit ensures stability during high-speed activities, delivering smooth and professional-looking footage by reducing camera shake.
                • Vivid 4K Resolution: True 4K video at 60 fps guarantees exceptional clarity, capturing intricate details and vibrant visuals. This feature brings lifelike quality to your videos.
                • High-Quality Stills: A 16MP photo resolution captures sharp and detailed images suitable for printing and sharing across platforms, preserving the essence of your experiences.
                • Expansive Scene Coverage: The wide 170° field of view encompasses more in each frame, enhancing scenic, landscape, and action shots with added depth and context.
                • Versatile Mounting: Diverse mounting accessories enable creative placement on helmets, handlebars, and more, allowing you to record from varying angles and viewpoints.
                • Creative Shot Setup: The ground stake accessory facilitates unique angles, enabling shots from extreme perspectives for increased creative potential.
                • Effortless Control: A wrist-attachable remote control device offers seamless camera control during action, eliminating the need for manual interaction.
                • Instant Monitoring: The 2” LCD screen provides real-time shot monitoring and content review, aiding accurate framing and immediate adjustments.
                • Cross-Platform Sharing: Compatibility with iOS and Android devices ensures smooth connectivity and content sharing across different devices and platforms.
                • Extended Shooting Time: With a 1050 mAh battery, the camera supports prolonged recording sessions, making it ideal for extended outdoor adventures.
                • Ample Storage: MicroFlash card storage accommodates a significant amount of content, eliminating concerns about running out of memory space and enabling extensive capturing without interruptions.
                • Included Accessories: The package comes complete with a range of accessories, including a waterproof case to protect the camera, a remote control with an accompanying wrist strap for convenient operation, a rechargeable battery for sustained usage, a ground stake for versatile setups, and mounts equipped with thumb screws for secure attachment.





                                      Item Number 300AC
                                      Functionality Touch screen
                                      Screen size 2 IN
                                      Remote app iOS & Android compatible
                                      Resolution 4K/60FPS • 1080P/120fps • 720P/240fps
                                      Waterproof 15ft without case • 100ft with case
                                      Anti-Shake 6-Axis
                                      Supports WiFi, HDMI & TV Out
                                      Battery 1050mah
                                      Storage microSD & microSDHC. Supports up to 128GB
                                      USB Type USB 2.0
                                      WiFi Connectivity YES

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