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Lunt Double Stack Filter For 80mm & 100mm Universal Telescopes

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Lunt Double Stack Filter For 80mm & 100mm Universal Telescopes - SFPT

Elevate your Lunt 80mm or 100mm Universal Telescope with the Double Stack Filter for an improved high-definition view of the Sun's surface. Note: This Filter is also compatible with the Dedicated LS80THa H-Alpha Telescope. 

This filter enhances the view by lowering the system's bandpass from <0.7 Angstrom to <0.5 Angstrom, making the surface details stand out.

You can choose to double-stack your Lunt 80mm or 100mm Universal Telescopes when you buy them or later.

The good news is, you won't need to send your telescope back to the factory for this upgrade.

Start with a single-stack telescope (80mm or 100mm) and, if you want, add the SFPT upgrade later to make it a double stack. 

This way, you can first buy a more budget-friendly single-stack telescope and still have the option to upgrade later. 

Once you add the double-stack unit, you'll see finer details on the Sun that weren't visible before.


  • Internal Double-Stacking Module: Add an internal double-stacking module to the new Lunt 80 mm or Lunt 100 mm Universal Telescopes, achieving a lowered bandpass of <0.5 Angstroms. This enhancement brings out finer details on the Sun's surface.
  • SFPT Double Stack Unit: The SFPT Double Stack Unit includes a pressure tuner for true Doppler tuning, ensuring precision in solar observations and providing an advanced feature for enthusiasts seeking high-quality imaging.
  • Flexible Installation: Easily incorporate the SFPT Double Stack Unit at the time of order or add it to an existing 80mm or 100mm Lunt Universal Telescope you already own. The convenience of adding the double stack unit without the need to return the telescope to the factory enhances user flexibility.
  • Enhanced Definition: Double stacking delivers a truly enhanced, high-definition view of the Sun's surface details. The system's bandpass is notably lowered from <0.7 Angstrom to <0.5 Angstrom, making the surface details vivid and visually striking.
  • User-Friendly Installation: The Lunt 80mm and 100mm Universal Telescopes can be internally double-stacked at the time of purchase or anytime thereafter. This user-friendly design ensures a hassle-free upgrade process without the need to send the telescope modules back to the factory.
  • Affordable Upgrade Path: Begin with the purchase of an 80mm or 100mm single-stack universal telescope and later add the SFPT to transform it into a double-stack unit. This approach offers an affordable entry point with the flexibility for future upgrades, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of a double-stack unit over time.

What's Included:

✓ Lunt Double Stack Filter Unit

 Pressure Tuner

✓ Case

✓ Instructional Manual

✓ Limited 5 year Warranty


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