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LUNT 100mm Solar Telescope Package Deal w/ 18mm Blocking Filter

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LUNT 100mm Solar Telescope Package Deal w/ 18mm Blocking Filter - LS100THaP

If you want to see our closest star in all its glory, this package is for you. We call it the High Desert package because it is designed to take advantage of great viewing conditions. The package is designed around our LS100 dedicated solar telescope. This scope has a 100mm aperture and with our exclusive Doppler tuning, will give you 3D like views of the surface of the Sun.

Viewing the Sun is unlike viewing any other celestial body. The features on the surface of the Sun are ever changing and always amazing. Mass coronal ejections, solar flairs, Sun spots, filaments, spicules, and more will all be visible from time to time through your LS100.  Since you can’t predict exactly when you’ll see these features, you’ll always be surprised when you find them. Each viewing will be a new experience. 

When you advance to the point of sharing your discoveries with others, this package is designed for imaging with your camera (not included). This is a great way to record and distribute the incredible features you will see. So what are you waiting for? The universe isn’t getting any younger.

This package includes:

  • Lunt LS100 Hydrogen-Alpha Solar Telescope with Pressure Tuning System: This high-quality Solar Telescope, along with its pressure tuning technology, will give you AMAZING views of the Sun. 
  • 18mm Blocking Filter: As an added bonus, this filter will offer the flexibility to use your camera to photograph what you will be seeing through the Telescope. 
  • 1.25" Feather Touch Focuser: Use the focuser to get optimal details of the sun. 
  • Zoom Eyepiece: This will give you the ultimate flexibility in viewing ALL or part of the Sun. 
  • Celestron CGEM II Mount: The CGEM II Mount features advanced GoTo functionality, which will allow you to automatically track celestial objects with the click of a button.  
  • 12" Dovetail plate: Use this to secure & attach your Telescope to the mounting system & Tripod.
  • Sol-Searcher: This Tele Vue Sol-Searcher will be make it easy to locate the Sun safely.
  • Hard Case: This sturdy case will ensure that your Telescope & accessories are protected when travelling. 
  • Lunt Baseball Cap: Keep your head & face protected when you are out in the Sun!

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